Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-12-06 23:15:55 (UTC)

misery loves company

today was a good day, and today was a shit day. sort of a twofer.
finally got the name, number, and email, and talked to the guy about
the annuity bullshit. it's going to be a fight, but I don't know what
kind of fight it's going to be until I get contacted by someone from
here in Vancouver, seems they have to transfer the annuity from
manitoba to bc, which might make my life easier, but, if it doesn't,
I'm only getting payments out of it once every year for the next 6
years, which totally fucks up any plans I might have to do anything
even remotely good vis a vis, school, or opening up a business of my
own, etc.

I don't know a whole lot of things, I need, and have needed to declare
bankruptcy for quite some time, but I couldn't until last year, and I
couldn't last year because I had to wait for the removal of the
trustee's, and now it seems as though my lawyer screwed the pooch
totally back in january and somehow I have zero control on how the
annuity is paid out, it wouldn't be so bad if it was put monthly, but
since it's yearly, I'm pretty much, out of luck in going back to
school which is what I was planning on doing.

well, anyways, work is going alright, but I'm now only working 2 days
a week, because my bosses wanted to pay me $8 an hour to be "head
cook" and do the whole tip share thing, which was bullshit, I make
more doing delivery driving than I would being a cook, so there's a
little drama there, not much, but enough to annoy me. my roommate is
pissing me off with his whiny bullshit about rent, and he's pretty
much rather sullen about a great deal many things, but, this was
expected, I'm going to give him his walking papers in February or
march, if he doesn't move out on his own before then, we're starting
to really get on each others nerves, more than normal, not sure what
it is, but, meh.