Experienced Life
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2010-12-05 23:33:53 (UTC)

Thoughts in the night

I wonder why our minds wander during the late nights? Why is it during
these times that your mind while it should be fast asleep is in deep
thought? Why is it during these times that our feelings are as strong
as ever? Regret, hope, love, lost, loneliness, stress, and anger are
all present late at night?

Night time is so quiet. It's when the world actually stops screaming
it's worldly noise. Usually, no cars are honking, no motorcycles are
revving, no people screaming, no lawn mowers mowing, no jack hammers
pounding away, etc. All is pretty quiet.

So with all that, why is it so loud at night in some people's minds
that they are full of thought? I'm guilty of it too. Is there no peace
for the imperfect people?