my life as shantay
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2010-12-05 20:46:04 (UTC)

my life is getting better

Ok so you know jamey the boy i met at cocoa key in the summer i
mentioned hi in my previous entry.By the way its december right now
and i didnt write for four months and some days but ive been really
busy in school.Almost every weekend i have a project and have to
study even though i dont actually study because i hate school.
Anyway back to james. We've been dating actually since the last day
that i had on vacation at cocoa key. I have no regret saying I LOVE
HIM but i do have regret saying that i hate boys because since
jeynahh moved to Atlanta life has been great. I made new friends
with better names. Naya, vanessa, kaleigh, jennifer, isha, maya and
candyce. But anyways back to me and james. I LOVE HIM. i love the
way how he comforts me when im sad and when im mad.. hes always
thinking of me and i know he loves me too. Also our little sisters
are bffs and they are the same age.(7 years old) i havent seen
michale hills and i dont think he goes to my school which i am glad
for and noone else in my family got hurt by him.(R.I.P. JESSICA <3)
Im just sitting and waiting for my baby james to call me.I have seen
my fake bff though and he goes to my school but we dont talk much we
just say our hi's and bye's. None of my old friends go to my school
but we almost always are on the phone with eachother unless im on
the phone with james. J is calling me so ttfn

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