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2010-12-03 05:21:34 (UTC)

Cereal dater (and not captain crunch)

As I write this I am only a few months in my "transformation." I am
not going to sugar coat it, I've had my fair share of "everything is
changing" panic attacks, but I feel like I am on the brink of real
growth and self discovery. I ask myself now, what is romance to me?
What a man needs to do, and I for him. I am learning, and not
depressed by, how to create my own fireworks, and butterflies. I
refuse to be let down by the everyday romantic screw ups. The only
thing to live up to is to be organic, from within, trash the do's and
don'ts given to me by the romantic icons that don't exist.

You may be thinking I am bitter, jaded, or too heart broken. But I'm
changing these to productive thoughts. Forget the bra burning, stand
up. Let's never again rely on someone, or a myth to bring us
happiness. If you see a small man, wings, in diapers, with
arrows(Cupid) keep walking.

Let's go out and find the love we always wanted but this time keep our
feet planted on the ground, our inner sparkle as the arrows, and the
belief that love does happen for all of us.

Serial dater--> Like the bad KICK ME SIGN in middle school, its not a
cute name my girlfriends like to call me. Its the name I was given
when they needed to be the mirrors I was too scared to look
in.**advice:No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to
heal, you'll never get through it without your friends.**

I tend to over analyze and dissect every detail so why not this too.
What is a Serial dater? Am I the black widow who dates guys then
kills them? Yes I date a lot, but not on purpose. I never expect my
relationships to end. They just do. I would have loved to have found
my true love in the fourth grade but I was too busy stuffing my bra
and stalking the football players. So I ask you this, Please wipe
Serial dater off the list. Think of me as a girl who is looking for
love just like you.

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