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2010-12-02 06:51:05 (UTC)


Okay, So why did I, a young, halfway decent looking, twenty-two year
old girl, decide to write a memoir on dating? Well, blame it on Walt
Disney. Thanks to good ol' Walt girls are filled with the ideas that
prince charming will come sweep them off of their feet, ride them off
into the sunset, and live happily ever after. Well...What should have
been played after the credits was how Cinderella and Prince Charming
make it work with bills, crazy in-laws, a failing economy, and a
dwindling sex life.

I recently had a massive heartbreak. I lost myself, and lost track of
what I want out of life and love. My girlfriends have named me a
serial dater. And along with the title comes laughs, tears, love,
breaks, and a lot of Friday nights with Ben and Jerry's.

Dating is hilarious and awkward as hell. Relationships are difficult,
beautiful, and confusing. But somehow...love is worth it all. I ask
myself, What if why I go through all this dating crap is that I'm
supposed to the kindred spirit of millions of women out there who are
just like me. Who are in love with love, and refuse to settle for
anything less then butterflies.

So here it is. The new relationship that I will begin with me, my
past, my present, my laughter, my pain, and most important all of you.

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