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2010-12-01 07:15:28 (UTC)

Sent Cutie a nudge text

I sent Cutie a nice nudge. I asked her is she had time to think and if
she has room for jello in her life. This is a little joke between she
and I. She once said she hasn't thought about being with someone and
that she just put all her time and effort into her 7 yr old.

I told her life is short and multitasking is normal. If she found
someone cool to hang with, I told her romantic relationships are like
jello. There is always room for jello. So there, now you understand
what the inside joke is.

In fact, I reminded her while we were having dinner a couple of
weeks ago with her 7 yr old daughter sitting next to her. I mentioned
that "Mom" is so busy that she doesn't even have time to eat jello.
Her daughter was wondering why? Cutie couldn't stop laughing for
minutes when I said that. When she finally stopped laughing, she was
looking at me giggling and smiling.

So there. I guess now I will know soon enough. Maybe 2011 is looking
less bleak. New lady, promotion at work, etc.... Starting to look up :)

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