Experienced Life
2010-11-30 18:33:52 (UTC)

Trying to keep busy

Tonight, I have that outing with this group I hang with. This
restaurant/bar is very nice. Good food, nice atmosphere, good service
and some eye candy. Can't be without that.Happy hour starts at 9PM. I
guess they want business during the slow nights. Works for me. Total
tab usually is around 14 bucks and I just drop a 20. Win-win situation
for all.

Ex tried to phase me today. She asked if I could go to a parent
teacher meeting this week. I asked what for? The child isn't living
with me and I can't follow up or do anything about it anyway. Dumb bitch!

I don't know if the Ex is building up stuff via email to perhaps use
against me one day. Not sure. One of my friends suggested that so I
need to be careful. Maybe a little paranoid but I wouldn't be
surprised if she did. So I told her not to email me anymore.

The treadmill seems to be calling me. I guess I better warm up and do
my run, crawl, jog (whatever) the two miles I promised myself.

Cutie didn't call. I'm guessing silence is not golden as it would
normally be. I'm guessing she isn't ready for dating. I'm a little
disappointed but it's ok. Nothing has happened so there is no romantic
history between us. I will just be polite when I see her in the next
group outing. That would be this Friday.

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