Experienced Life
2010-11-28 22:35:10 (UTC)

Finally a good day!

I spent the day cleaning up a bit in the house. I didn't let the ex's
emails and games get the best out of me today. Got a call from a lady
friend that wanted to look at my place. She is the one that may be
interested in renting out one of my rooms.

So I gave her the tour of the house. She said she would like to spend
about 550 a months which is fine with me. Nothing concrete but just
something to think about if the economy gets any worse.

This lady used to rent a room from me a few years back. She's pretty
but she's just a friend. Anyway, we had coffee first then checked out
the house. After that, we had dinner and watch a movie. I even got to
laugh during our conversations. I previously thought the only laughter
coming out of me anytime soon would be laughing insanely. So today was

Conversation with someone other than the two dogs at home was great.
I'm so thankful that I have good friends. I don't do anything else
right but at least friends are something I am good at.

So tonight, the quiet is not so deafening. I feel like I may be more
normal than I thought. I suddenly don't feel so ugly inside anymore.
Well, at least for a day. :)

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