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2010-11-28 07:02:11 (UTC)

Cutie came home

Cutie came home from her Thanksgiving trip at her family's place in
L.A. She was suppose to think about us having a possible thing going.
We haven't done anything. We've been friends for about a year now and
I asked if we could maybe start seeing each other more than the usual
friend type environment.

I've grown to like her and why not try to find some happiness in my
life? I sure could use some. Her situation is unusual. She hasn't
really been with anyone for several years now since she parted ways
with the father or her little girl.

Father of the little girl went crazy and had to be committed. I'm not
kidding, he went scitzo (don't know how to spell it). He didn't do any
drugs or anything but it slowly took him out of reality. And if you
are thinking my avenging angels may have caused this then think again.
I didn't know Cutie during those times. I think she said this happened
about three years ago.

So I await to hear from Cutie. Like a guy, I access my chances of her
saying "yes, lets start something". I'm pretty sure she most likely
will repeat herself and say that "she doesn't have time for a
relationship like this right now". If so, I think it's because the
spark isn't there and she is looking for Mr. Right and I obviously
ain't it. I can accept that. I'm tired of just watching life go by and
I need to get into the stream of things too. Can't be afraid to try.

Fingers crossed. :)

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