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2010-11-27 00:40:49 (UTC)

Finally on Facebook

I'm finally on facebook. I guess I got bored here and finally signed
up for it. I did something stupid and looked up the Ex. Yep, she was
there. I read her wall thing. That was stupid once again. During the
last time we were trying to make a go of it, I see she posted
something on her profile and I can read her wall. It went like this.

"We cannot go wrong. Our journey is not over, my love for you has no
boundries. I am lost in it everyday."

A reply came back for her and I know it was from the guy she is with
now. I guess psycho guy must match with psycho woman.
This while she was making a go of it living with me telling me she
loved me everyday. She was the one that wanted to come back. I knew
she was most likely going to fuck up again. She posted this while with
me and of course it's to that other guy. All she had to do was just
stay away and go live life happily ever after with him.

I'm actually ok with this. I tinged a bit at first but I have to
admit, I am actually used to it. How sad that a soul can get used to
the evil ways of others. Will this now make me numb to the normal
thoughts and/or feelings that normal people have?

Will I turn into a cold blooded person that don't give a shit anymore?
I hope not but I know far too well that things like this changes a
person. It's a constant battle that I fight everyday and I know I'm

Future asshole signing off for tonight.

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