The Real Me
2010-11-26 19:23:01 (UTC)

Shit Happens?

So I did link V. And guess what nothing, no sprak. I didnt even try
to flirt, I actually just enjoyed chilling with him. I guess we are
better of as friends. I guess I will always have a soft spot for
him... Dont know If I will ever give up and I mean in the future. In
a way I dont want to give up because I dont want to be that girl that
just got messed over AGAIN. Like im a doll that people can just play
with. In a way I guess I was trying to prove something to myself.
That im not worthless, that I am not nothing. I have feelings too.

So on wensday I went to library to revise with Dijana when M invited
us to come some some ahem and drink. Yes I did kind of jump at this
idea. Except took longer to actually turn we went down to the
SU played a bit of pool and me and M just chilled and talked. Then SU
was closing and Diana left, I didnt leave I dont know what I was
waiting for but me and M basically ended up going to drink somewhere
else...and =) lol. He confessed he did remeber what happened that
night, I told him I knew and I didnt really want to bring it up
because it was weird. I kind of opened up to him about my past. I
also found out that one of my friends is a snake she told him a
secret that I had told her in be cont gotta go
out now get ready to go partaaaay