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2010-11-25 18:01:29 (UTC)

Blood is still thicker than water

I'm at Nephew's place in Modesto for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I
wouldn't even set foot in Modesto. Let's see, coming from Hawaii
frequently going to Waikiki at one point and now I'm in Modesto. lol

Anyway, my two sisters are here too. Gotta say something about blood
relations. They do have your back. No matter if you are right or
wrong, they have your back and you are always right when it comes to
me and the Ex. I know it takes two to fuck up but it's still nice that
someone got your back no matter what. Sort of like being able to knock
on their door and they will offer you a bowl of soup even though you
are a complete fuck up.

It's just nice at times that they will never judge you but always will
back you. I get tired of fighting with my back to the wall all the time.

We also have an arsenal of different types of wine bottles here too.
Ports, Cabs, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Merlot,etc. You name it we got it.
For now, at least today, life is good. To top it off, we still got
turkey dinner tonight too. :)

Next best thing to a fuck