Old daysl :)
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2010-11-25 17:35:53 (UTC)

bon jovi elert

this aafternoon it was helarius! well my T.T.A (teacing
assisant)is a huge fan of bon jovi and she brung in this dvd where
you see them singing on stage,she got it from there concert.she went
3 times in the summer!!anyway about seven boys stood up pretending
the have gituars and drums it was called its my life and we listend
to living on a prayer it goes like,wooo half way there,wooo living on
a prayer !its awsome! so when it was playing this boy louis was at
the font of the classroom he ran there with a pencil in his hand,for
a microphone obviosly!then he started pretending to sing we was
listning to its my life.and when it came on he was pretending to sing!
and he was counting to three then he would jump and spin you should
of seen his face!it was halarios!my frend tara was laughing her head
of she almost fell of her chair . her laugh is really loud. all of a
sudden everyone stoped stared at her and then carried on!it was a
great day!

thanks for reading
my diary

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