2010-11-25 13:15:19 (UTC)


so i know this might be old, but forgot to write it in my last
entry, got my report from school, i have 3 B's, 3 C's and 3 D's and
one G...got the G in english, even though all my written work is B
grade because i got stage fright, something i can't actually help,
they decided to give me a crappy grade. its annoying though cause i
try really hard in that lesson in particular and what does a
presentation have to do with english anyway?? grr...

yesterday got back with alex though...im scared i'll hurt him again
though :/ hmm...i dunno its just a weird feeling at the moment...if
that makes sense??

got into an argument with step dad earlier because he had a go at my
brother and started pushing him around, so of course i stepped in and
had a go at matt cause he doesn't have a right to get so angry at
kyle...he can be such a douche sometimes..

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