Bojuna's world
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2010-11-25 12:18:39 (UTC)


Why life is so fucking hollow sometimes
Why ppl act like shit usually
Why i'm i so down.I dunno don't wanna know.I just wanna be happy
And i just can't do anything for my dream,I don't even know who
i'am.There are sooo many fucking things i don't know.
Just wanna drink like hell, and smoke a cigerate right now.
I just can't breath free
I just wanna cry and wanna go wherever.
I can't survive to achieve my goal
Im i such a fucking stupid bitch like dad saying?
Why my dad ignore me like this.
Урам хуга шаахымаа тэр үгнүүдээрээ үхүүллээ намайг яг
Аав минь дээ аав минь
Яагаад ингээд байдаг юм бэ дээ. Би муу охин биш шүү дээ
Oh why, can anyone tell me?
There are so many unanswered questions Fuck you Fucking me
Why can't you just living your life? Why you been such a weak?

FUCK ..................................