Experienced Life
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2010-11-25 02:39:28 (UTC)

The best part of the day

I can think of two moments during the day that I feel good. The first
is at the moment you awake. Everything is still being downloaded into
your brain so you aren't aware of the current events until a few
seconds have gone by. Then reality hits you like a wave.

The second is when I have that first sip of coffee in the morning. I'm
not counting taking any pills like percocet. lol

Not long ago, my happy moments used to be when I took the kids to
school, watching them sleep at night, eating at Mcds then letting
them run around in the playground, having the kids sitting with me on
the lazy boy watching Sponge Bob, playing with the kids at the aquatic
center, riding our bikes, going to the zoo, checking out the different
parks all over the place.

Now my life has changed ever so slightly. My daily happiness now is my
coffee and my 10 seconds of peace when I just wake up. Sucks to be me.

Oh well, time to refill my glass of wine. Not getting a good enough
buzz just yet....