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2010-11-24 19:56:12 (UTC)

Had a dream a few days ago

I had a dream about the Ex. I wish I didn't have it. It just makes me
wonder and think way too damn much. It's been a
few days so I don't recall the details anymore. I do know that in my
dream state, my feelings were perhaps amplified or maybe open to more
truthful feelings.

By that, I mean that while I'm awake, I'm strong and my mind is able
to build the defenses to keep me sane and to keep my emotions in
check. I don't know if in your sleep you feel the truth or your
feelings are falsely amplified.

Anyway, it was about me feeling that I am strongly in love with my ex
still. I hate it. All it does is interfere with my life and life's
progress. It's not like I have a lot of sleep anyway so I don't know
why the few moments I do sleep I have to dream about this shit!! Oh

Just gotta keep trying to man up. I don't have much of a choice.