2001-10-10 02:16:22 (UTC)

stuffy nose...wah..

Well, today was fairly uneventful. "Nugent" came in about
nine am and stayed all fucking day..damn him. he's just too
annoying. So me and the ter-ster couldnt gossip in peace.
nooooo..of course not. I'm sick i have a wicked cold and r
keeps telling me to go to the hospital cuz i may have
anthrax..that's not what i need to hear right now! Duh..I
got him a present last nite..It is cute. i hope he likes it
but i can not tell what it is here cuz he might read it. T
is going through a hard time what with her shitty ass
friend and daughter and mother and annoying mother in law.
I feel bad for her. but we cant be lending out money cuz we
spend too much of our own. What a sad state we live in.
Then they are proceeding to bomb Afghanistan. My opinion is
good! They have broken our bubble that we were in..true we
obviously were a bit naive but this is the land of freedom
and no one will take that away from me. I will die first
before i will ever live in a country like theirs. And as
for the flag waving shit i am divided. I feel patriotic at
the moment...i have a flag on my porch and i am proud of
our heroes and no i dont display one year roundbut that is
because we have all become self centered and we all see
what goes on in our private little worlds and how shitty it
is. Now we have a broader view of things and we need to
shut the fuck up and be proud our country is fighting back
and show our support. That piece of shit hiding in a cave
somewhere needs to die......b