2001-03-05 20:48:46 (UTC)

bobbytrucktricks can i come..

can i come over?
i don't know if i wanna talk
cause phones they can't do for me
i need to see your eyes
sometimes it's so far from me i can't explain whether words
or minds can't find common ground
the first thing i did was throw up the shades and look to
the night can it be my third winter here stuck in small town
you rode your bike past dark window shades
looked down from my roof and not hollered a thing
can i be so sad? and not so close to forgetting last
snowfalls time precurse seasons cold and come of age
even cold nights can't shake dreaming trains endless track
this time it's not worth fighting i think i really like you
can i come over? warm words and eyes and not going back and
i don't even care because i'm already there

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