baby doll87

2010-11-22 19:55:40 (UTC)

About last night Nov.21,2010

Well last night I was talking to my man and a couple of girls. Well I
was talking all dirty to him he got all naked and put his heels on for
me it was looking sexy and of course I was in some tan stockings pink
pumps and some light colored panties. Well and I was watching a porn
movie and it got me all horny and wet so I started humping the bed
some and I had him on cam looking at his feet in some sexy heels. He
started getting hard and I made him started jacking it to make it
worse and I was teasing him so bad like getting doggy and having one
leg on bed the other on the floor and that drove him wild too. Then I
was horny I went and got my dildo out and layed it flat on the bed and
sat on it and I hump it going back and fourth I did that for 30
minutes. Then I took and put the head in and then took it out again.
Then I took and rub it up and down my pussy with it so wet it felt so
good. Then I took and layed it back down and I put my pussy lips in
between it and and started humping it again and loving every min of
it. Then I put it in my pussy and started fucking it slowly and him
jacking it faster then before. Teasing him so bad driving him crazy I
get faster on that dildo and got him to cum and he is still jacking as
I fuck the dildo until I cum and when I do I cum hard and so much and
it so everywhere on my bed.

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