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2010-11-21 21:50:49 (UTC)

The 30 pound doorstop

Got some emails and an actual call from the Ex again. She asked me
again if I knew the password for the computer(the one she stole from
me). The ones I gave her earlier didn't work I guess. Well, I told her it
would have been easier if I logged in first and tried accessing it
before she took it then I
would have let her have it. Now she is outta luck.

That is what happens when you just take off while I'm working and
ransack the house. Stupid stupid stupid.. It's like stealing a safe
and then asking the owner later what the combination is. Fucktards!!!!

So I told her I don't care about this anymore. In the big scheme of
things, it matters little if this computer boots up or not. As far as
I'm concerned, it can be a 30 pound doorstop. She can just threw it
away. I told her I got better things to do. So I said to her again to
leave me alone, get her stuff and give me the house keys back.

She said or asked why I wanted the keys. She asked if it's so I can
take a woman home? She asked if I found someone better than her? I
couldn't help it but I just blurted out that any woman is better than
her. It just came out but I loved it. lol. It was soooo dang funny!!!!
She hung up. lol It was mean but fuck it! I'm not the one that
committed adultery.

She later texted me of course. Saying that what I said hurts. Well,
that's how it is when you live a life of a whore! Facts are facts.

Well, serves her right for trying to play mind games with me. I know
that the underlying reason why she calls is that she doesn't want to
let go of me. She still wants to try to keep in touch and put me in
her back pocket. But I won't play that game anymore.

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