my crush (maybe old friend)
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2010-11-22 00:26:38 (UTC)

A look on the past

Hello my name is Danielle and i live in Pittsburgh, Pa i am
thirteen years old. I just wanted to let you know everything you
read about my experiance with my friend is 100% true.Exsept for
their names.

My old life is way different(more exciting i think)than my life is
now. I never thought about all the fun i've had becouse usually we
are to busy to reflect on are old life. If you think about it some
times we are looking to far in the future and not enough in the
past. No I am not saying all are old lifes are perfict but it seemed
not as stressful as it is now.I know with me that is true.

It all started when i was five i met this girl Kayla that lived up
my street she was very nice to me so we became friends. Then i met
this girl Kyrstin that lived in the house next to me. My
nieghboorhood was good back then.So we were all friends.Then
therewas this one kid that only Kyrstin knows. So me being
the youngest person went and knocked on the door and this kid a
little older than me anwsers the door and that is how it starts.

sorry for misspelling

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