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2010-11-21 11:55:05 (UTC)

Spoke to Cutie today

Called her again. I asked if she was politely saying she wasn't
interested in me or she really did mean she didn't have time for a

So we talked. She really is just working and taking care of her 7 yr
old daughter. She say she didn't even consider being with someone
because she felt there isn't time to do so. I told her I understood. I
know how taking care of a child solo is tough to do.

I had to remind her what a possible relationship has to offer. The
usual things like companionship. Being able to speak with someone at
your level. Not that talking to your child is wrong, it's just
sometimes conversation with a peer is nice too.
I told her that we already know each other pretty well so it's not
like it's a blind date thing going on. We were friends for awhile now.
We could do things a lot easier as a team instead of doing things
I also reminded her that this is just the beginning. If it doesn't pan
out, there isn't a 30yr relationship mortgage that she has to sign. We
could just part cordially. It's just a step at a time process. I did
tell her that after the 990,000th step, we could buy us a home. Or at
the 400,000th step, we could move in together and both of us benefit
financially with the shared rent.
Step two was sex! jk. I didn't really say that. Just messing with the
There were a lot more I said but can't recall them and it would coee
out funny in writing. Anyway, I was just being silly at that point but
she got the message. She said it was a lot to chew on so she needed
time to think about it.

She goes to her Mom's in L.A. next week for 5 days so she will have
the time to do so.