Experienced Life
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2010-11-21 00:32:28 (UTC)

Breakfast of Champions

Having some percocet and beer. Takes care of any physical and mental
pain. For awhile anyway. Man, I am so buzzed.I have no clue what the
hell I'm going to do tomorrow and right now, I don't care.

I do have one thought that I think may help me not stress out so much.
I think I will have to put away the pics of the kids. Maybe when I
feel better, I can bring them back out. Of course, psycho's pics are
already all out of sight and out of mind.

I was thinking I might join a dart league again. I know my left
arm(and I'm left handed) is still numb and the surgery helped but
didn't really fix it. I figure I'm still good enough to play some.
I'll practice on my board and see how it goes.

Maybe one day I'll talk about some of my dart playing days. They were
fun and I met and made hundreds of friends playing darts. But that is
for another day.

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