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2010-11-21 05:55:31 (UTC)

Stress and Love

Dear Diary,
Stress and love. How can both emotions take up ones being at one
time? Well its easy for me to be stressed out, but I am so in love
that I forget about being stressed. What am I stressed about you may
ask? That is a long story.
Once upon a time I had a car, I got in a car accident with it. It
was wrecked bad but it was fixable. My parents and I decided it would
cost more than it was worth to fix it though. Our plan of action was
to sell this car to my fathers coworker and his wife. We sold this
care to them on September 10,2010. I turned my tag in on August
24,2010 and also canceled the insurance on it the same day. Then come
to find out on September 29,2010 the woman we sold it to got hit in
that car on the way to work. She was driving with an illegal tag on
the car, a suspended drivers license, and she failed to transfer the
title to her name. So the DMV sent me a letter saying I owe 9 grand
and I am liable. If I dont pay that money my license will be suspended
in a month. Thing is, I wasnt driving the car, the car was no longer
mine. I have a bill of sale to prove that and proof of tag turn in.
Just really stressed about it, hope the state will clear my name,
which Im sure they will since I am innocent.
I am also working two part time jobs now. Well I start the second
job on Tuesday which is at Walmart. I will be working at Walmart and
Burger King. My daily amount of sleep and personal time is getting
smaller and smaller. The funny thing about me working at those places
is I'm a licensed cosmotologist, went to school for it did extremely
well. I should get a job in that field, but I dont know why but I dont
have motivation to do so at this time in my life. Its a great career I
love it, but its not moving me at this time. So Im going to work these
part time jobs to get my school loans paid off.
Love. Love is so much more than words. I went through highschool
dreaming of love. Wanting a man to care about me like Im the only
woman in the world. Wanting my prince charming. I had a couple
boyfriends that I thought I fell in love with, but I was way wrong and
it was followed by heartbreak. Now that I am a college graduate, I
almost gave up on fairytale love, or true love at that. Thats when
love found me. I know its true love, I dont know how to describe it
but words really cant. The man I love I actually once dated in 8th
grade as a little puppy love thing. We never really talked much way
back then he was sooo shy and I was to. Now that we are both older we
reconnected and talked for weeks as just friends every day. Then that
friendship grew into something more precious. I care about him so
much, I really have never felt like this about anyone. Its unique and
thats how I know its true. He is my other half. I talk to him for more
than 8 hours a day, and never tire of it. Thats love. We struggle with
a long distance relationship for now because of living circumstances.
But we plan to get our own place together one day. and I cant wait to
spend every day with him. We've only been an official couple for 2
weeks but have been talking for so much longer than that. Love is
precious and can form quickly and can never be lost. That is one thing
that is true about unconditional love.
I hope my dream is really reality<3

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