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2010-11-20 20:10:40 (UTC)

Wish the Ex would hurry up and get out of my life

Not sure if mentioned it in my previous email but the Ex said she was
sorry for giving me shit about the trailer and she will back off of
asking for it. I said ok. Then I immediately went to Lowes and picked
up a hitch lock for the trailer.

later on, the ex was asking me to keep the 8 yr old's medical until
she can get it for her. I said ok to that.

Then again, she asked me what the password was on my computer. You
know, the one that she took from me? it's been gone for so long that I
don't know what the password is anymore. I gave her some ideas of what
they were. Then I had to go and have a big mouth and say something.
Was I jealous? Maybe a little. I dunno. Anyway, I said why does she
need access to my password and profile? I do remember that I had
multiple profiles and they all had admin access. Then it hit me. Her
new man doesn't like seeing my name on the computer. Fuckers!! Got my
computer and they still want to take my name off of my computer. How
fucking pathetic is that.

She again lied and said that he doesn't see this computer. He is in
his own room with his computer. Awwweee, just like in the old series
with lucy sleeping in different beds from her husband. Well, I say
fuck her to even be pretending that. What a weird woman.

So I told her to gather all the things she needs to ask me instead of
these onesies and twosies and ask me all at the same fucking time. I
told her the sooner she gets the stuff from this house that belongs to
her or the kids, then the better for me. The sooner I don't have to
see or talk to her, again, the better for me.

Never heard back after that which is good. Email fucktards sometimes
need to shut up and go away.

In the meantime, I let the cutie know that I kind of like her. I did
tell her I was attracted to her and would like to see her. Asked how
she felt about it.

So now I'm waiting for her reply. Is it too soon? I dunno. Perhaps and
perhaps not. Don't matter now anyway. I let her know that I am
attracted to her and am wondering if she feels the same. To be
honest,I'm a little nervous about this. If she brushes me off, I'm
sure it won't feel all that great for me.

But this is life. You gotta take chances sometimes. I'm taking my
shot. I'll let you know when I get an update from cutie.

Later Diary...

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