2010-11-20 16:35:43 (UTC)


Straight A's, best friends, influence, hatred, murder, love,
restriction, rejection, fraud, identity, crisis, school, desperateness,
sorrow, mourning, depression, death, numbers, words, math, high school,
drugs, paths, autism, posture, body, strength, physicality, young,
making the right choices.

Collagic Number 1:
Wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a reeeeeealllllllllly loooooooooonnnnnng one.
Why should I?
Because I said so.
The nighttime stars glisten and I stare. Emotionlessly. Whose fault is
it? It's sure as hell not mine. But I wish it was! That way I could
SOLVE IT MYSELF. Firefly; could you shine your light? Now I love your
ways, 'cuz they're just like mine. Bring me your sorrow. Firefly, have
you lost your mind? Now let it rain, open the gates of Heaven.
And somebody help me tame this animal that I have become! I can't
escape myseeelf...soo many times I've LIED! And sometimes I get the
feeling, she's watching over me, and other times I feel like I should
go...we'll carry on! We'll carry on! Don't believe me? But luckily it
was only just a dream....thinkin' about shotguns oprah lock and load,
death is rolling in every burst. I won't lie doesn't matter how hard I
try so why trying ignoring him,
make it a dirt dance floor again,
say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus