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2010-11-20 12:19:47 (UTC)

Effing Ex wanting something again

Got another email from the Ex. What a bitch! She is asking how I am. I
figure it's none of her business so I didn't answer that question. The
other question was if she could have the trailer? Let's see... I
bought it for 2K back in 2005 with my money. I married you in 2006. I
was wondering where the fuck the logic is where she thinks she is
entitled to it now? Fuck fuck fuck!!!!!

It's not a camping trailer. It's just a 5x10 landscape trailer. We're
divorced. We settled our property out of court. She took the suv that
I put 27k down of my own money before we got married and let her have
that. She took the computer 1,500. She took most of the furniture that
I again paid for on my own before we got married. She took one of the
big screen TVs and the fridge!!! Now she wants the fucking trailer?

Why??? So she can find a park and call herself "trailer park trash"?

We had an interesting conversation not too long ago. I believe I asked
her or told her how I cannot understand how she can sleep with two men
at the same time. No, not a three way but you know what I mean. To be
with someone and to sneak around with someone else.

I don't know what kind of logic she has. She lies so much that she
can't even keep it straight. She tried to say that she was only
sleeping with someone else after she left the other guy. (This would
currently be me and the guy she is hooked up with). Mind you, this is
in itself is still disgusting to me but I played along just to see how
fucked up this conversation was going to go.

Anyway, I asked her for confirmation that she only slept with someone
after she left and not while she was with someone else? She said yes.
I of course wanted to laugh. I guess it's been so long and so often,
I've built a resilience to idiot whores but I didn't.

So I asked the next question. "So how come I have two kids that aren't
biologically mine when you were only sleeping with me as you
indicated?" I had to laugh inside because she couldn't even give me an
answer. She is just a liar that won't stop.

I am so glad that we have taken care of almost all business related
issues. Then I won't have to deal with this lying cum dumpster
cheating excuse for a woman again.

Anyway, back to the house cleaning.

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