The Natural In Me
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2010-11-20 16:17:10 (UTC)

My natural Journey - Take 1

Ok.... So I have decided to go natural, WITHOUT the big chop. I
thought long and hard about doing the "big cop" but I just can't
bring myself to it. I just can't picture myself with a Teeny Weeny
Afro, and I didn't want to do it only to hate the way I looked! So,
I am going natural and letting it grow out some (which means a lot)
before I cut. I did cut about 2 inches of the ends. They were just
so damaged.

Ok, so how long has it been since I've had a relaxer. You know I am
not really sure, but I am going with the date of October 1, 2010.
Simply b/c that is the date I made the FIRM decision that I was
going natural. It is a scary ride. Trying to find the right
combination of products. Trying to find out what my hair "type is",
which shampoos, coniditioners, and oils work best. It has been a
trial and error journey.

Let's not forget the frustration. Finding a decent hair style is
horrible for me. The new growth looks so good, while the relaxed
ends look TERRIBLE. Finding the right style has been hard to say the
least. But I am getting there. I am determined and a fighter! I WILL
BE NATURAL! LOL Although I will admit... the temptation of a relaxer
is always on my shoulder!

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