Experienced Life
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2010-11-20 08:01:19 (UTC)

Why are days less bleak during the day?

I wonder why that is? Perhaps because the nights are so quiet and you
can really focus on your thoughts? I don't know. It does give me a
silly idea though.

Perhaps I could get a seasonal job in Alaska when the sun is up for
months at a time? That way, I'll never have those long lonely quiet
nights? lol...

Anyway, someone is coming today to take a look at my home. I may rent
out a room to her. I rented a room to her before when I owned a home.
it's for economic reasons and not fuck buddy reasons.

She pays 1K a month for a condo. I pay 1450 for this house. So I
figure if she pays maybe 500 for a room including all utilities, then
we both win.

I was hoping I could buy a home again in 2-3 yrs so perhaps maybe I
can at least save 20K by then. This of course barring Ex psycho
messing things up.

The rest of the day is clear. I wish I could say the same for the dang
garage so that I can start parking my car in there. I will try to get
my lazy ass up and get this done today.:)