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2010-11-20 03:37:33 (UTC)

streem of consusis

tnechen is its own worst enemy the grif that bulds up in side a man
must be given somewhere to go other wise the person will find
themelves in a torrment. aultininp g between night and day each change
just the same as the last Is there a reason? man is told that there is
but in same plsces more so then others he sometime struggles to see
what the reason is. if there is rlasice valve that could to relive the
tention in the man he would shuley use it but what if the relice valve
is romoved and placed out of reach. will talking realy help this man.
when there is nothing that can be achived though talking he may fail
to see the sence within it even if it has been said tht if you talk to
someone the problem will be resluved there is nothing to reslove or is
that the man being sinicul deep down he knows that this is a lie but
can he bring himslef to face the touth the problem is the tehchion is
the hands of this man the tnechen is like a waight wver running every
senimegre anger fear regret and saddness are all a war with eachohter
this is not un commen this battle has been going ever since the last
gook bye over 2 years ago this will be a new start or so he was toldd
new star