Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-11-19 11:48:45 (UTC)


I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and at work, it finally
has. See, I got the job at one place, but they have 2 locations, I
work at both, anyways, at the second, I'm just the driver, nothing
special, get paid $8 an hour, plus $2 per delivery, plus tips, friday,
I made about $60 in tips on 10 deliveries, so I netted myself a decent
wad. But, at the first place, I'm the cook, and I do one day of
delivery. So. back to my tale, I really like the employers, they seem
like decent folk, if not for the fact they're buggering all the
employees, see, as a cook, I only make $8 an hour, and they were
talking about "advancement", turns out, being "head cook" means making
$10 an hour, to which I said, "I'm not cooking anymore, just
deliveries". I didn't say this to the bosses, I said this to the other
girl at the second store, and she ran willy nilly and told them such.
This was however, after she told me she'd been working for them for a
year at $8 an hour (min wage is $8.50, unless you're a server, but she
doesn't get tips) and told her in no uncertain terms, "they were
screwing with her". I probably could have said it, more
diplomatically. I wouldn't take a cook job in a high end restaurant
setting where the average bill per person is $18 , for less than $12
an hour. So, anyways, the bosslady called me up in a huff, obviously,
and told me my "cooking" shifts were covered. But I still have my
delivery ones, so while I've obviously created some drama, they
haven't opted to take it out on me. But, up until then, and even
still, it's a good place to work, I knew it was too good to be true, I
just wish I hadn't been right about there being something afoot in
denmark. so to speak.