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2010-11-19 01:03:35 (UTC)

Some light in this gloomy situation

Well well well... it appears that not all is doom and gloom. There is
some good news in this fine faaaaabulous life I am living. It appears
that I may actually get a promotion!!! Whew!! In this crappy life I'm
in, I at least am thankful for this job I have.

I guess my peers were actually going to my boss telling him I deserve
to get promoted. I do bust my butt going the extra mile but I do have
great co-workers that got my back.

Somehow someway it got around and I may finally get my promotion.
Hasn't happened yet and I'm counting my chickens before they've
hatched but I have to make the most out of any little positives that
come my way.

If I do get this promotion, it will be around a 5K raise with one or
two more increments for two years. I'm not bragging or anything like
that when I write this. It is my way of just trying to keep my head up.

So you know how I feel? Well, I'm a man I promise. I just want
everyone reading this know this before I keep going. This makes me
almost cry. A little because something good finally came my way after
all the agony and pain I've been thru. It also makes my want to cry
because this hard work was meant to be to help provide for my family.
To be able to get the family things that make their lives easier and
more fun. Now they are gone. It makes me cry because it also tells me
I'm not such a bad guy. I know it will make life a little easier for me.

I know it's weird but it's like that movie Poseiden Adventure right
before they cut a hole in the hull to get out. They were happy and
cheering when they were finally rescued. However, there were some that
quickly looked back and felt the sorrow of losing their loved ones.
Mixed emotions. That's what I feel too.

And to my friend M....
Too bad you aren't in Sacramento. Maybe I could've helped you out a
little. lol.