2010-11-18 17:13:59 (UTC)

Thursday November 18th 2010

Dear Geoff,

Today has been alright but could have been better.For the
pas t week we have been put into groups and had to plan a lesson that
we would teach. today was the day that i had to teach it was well fun
but i suppose its cause of my group even though i find all but one
annoying. those people:

LEWIS MAYNE he dose my headin he is such a gobby idiot(lucy's* cosin
and a big gob),

MASIE FOOD she is by far the worst she has to have everything her
way and if not then she has a hissy fit (she is in my tutor and
thinks she all this and all that),

SHOPIE DOCITEY i hate her she is so blonde and dose my headin
(the "popular" and another big gob),

CALLUME HOWKINS he's alright but dose my headin some times but comes
up with great ideas(the other big gob),

ESME DEMING she probley the nicest one out of the group (she hangs
around with courtney jess and them lot)

so there thos were the people in my group we did an amazing job so
well done to them.

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