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2010-11-18 07:48:46 (UTC)

Vengeful cold hearted Beeeaatch!!!

I knew the ex would turn ugly. I emailed her about the medical and car
insurance situation. I was paying for it all these years and I told
her I was going to stop doing this since we are divorced and she is
with someone else.

Well, now she is asking for material things again that she shouldn't
be asking for. She already took shit out of the house that was mine
when she ransacked the place and split. Now she wants some things
that was way back in the past. What a fucking bitch!!!

She seems to have forgotten she took most of the furniture that I paid
for. She took the dang fridge, one of the big screen TVs and I put
down 27K for her SUV way back when. Nothing worse that a psycho Ex
but a bean counting money grubbing psycho Ex. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!

I'm still trying to be civil. I asked that we stop playing the
property game thing. I already filed Ch7, divorced and foreclosed on
my home.
While in the background, she bought a house with her man and they are
sitting pretty in their digs.

In the meantime, I told her we need to discuss the medical insurance
issue. I'm only concerned about the 8 yr old's well being. The 5 yr
old will be covered so I told her if we can talk and get this taken
care of asap. Even a face-to-face so we don't have to deal with the
bullshit emails.

I can't wait to see what my avenging angels will do to them. I kid you
not. I may sound looney but I swear I have one watching over me. More
to come .....

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