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2010-11-18 04:58:27 (UTC)

Ex is getting cutoff

I will be cutting off the Ex's medical shortly. I still had her on. I
hope that she or her man will be able to cover the 8 yr old's medical.
I am legally obligated in paper to take care of the 5 yr old boy so I
will do so. However, the ex,8yr old girl, and the lazy ass 19yr old
girl are going to be on their own. I'm worried for the 8 yr old girl.
I hope the ex had some sanity left in her to get her insured.

I was still was paying for Ex's SUV auto insurance and that will be
cut off in Dec too.

I hope this medical thing I'm going to do doesn't explode in my face
because I was divorced a few months ago. Forgot when. July or Aug I
think?? Not sure and it's not really a fun date to remember.

Anyway, I see that the stress thing is still working great on my need
to sleep. Went to bed at around Midnight and was up for over an hour

I'm pretty sure some good old fashioned sex would take care of this
problem. lol...

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