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2010-11-17 19:04:35 (UTC)

Ex has agreed to my choice...somewhat

Well, Ex responded to my ultimatum. I told her I wanted a clean
complete cutoff with her. she said to not be a stranger and we can be
friends. I responded to her that I don't think it's a good idea to
relate to each other in any way at all. The only exception would be
for business and the kids.

So, she complied a little. She asked that I let her know when I'm
cutting off their medical. I told her that I will leave that on for
now. HR doesn't know I'm divorced so I should only be covering for the
boy. I didn't do anything because I wanted to make sure the 8 yr old
girl has coverage too. So I let the Ex know that I will leave coverage
on all until she either gets married or I get caught and HR cancels
the coverage on them. Regardless, I will cover the 5 yr old boy since
I still legally am responsible for him on paper.

Next, she wanted all the kids stuff in the house. I said ok to that.
Whenever she wants to get them, just let me know. She has the house
keys and agreed to return it so I say ok to that too.

Then, the part that pisses me off is the trailer. She wants my
landscape trailer. She gave me a lame reason about how she helped me
with some past finances thereby she should have the trailer. I was
pissed. What the fuck does she want with the trailer? I only have
three things left of value that she didn't take. My car, bike and
trailer. All from my money that I earned. Inf fact, I got the bike and
trailer before we even got married. WTF?? Bitch!!! It always comes
down to money.

Anyway, my response was that she could use it if needed but why does
she want the trailer? I thought this was going to be cordial? Why take
the trailer from me? What is the purpose except for being spiteful? If
anything, I need it more than she does. I will move from here in 9
months so I need it more.

I realize she is just lashing back because I pretty much told her I
didn't want her in my life at all. Now, she has nowhere to fall back
on if she (actually, when she ) fucks up with her guy.

I also asked her if I can cancel the auto insurance that I am still
paying for on her SUV. No answer yet but that will save me 100 bucks a
month. lol

I give them 6-9 months before it starts to fall apart and I will be a
long ways away from all that crap!

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