hikari nikku
2010-11-17 22:45:08 (UTC)

Forget Days: I've Lost Count

Very sick. I have a lot to work on, but I'm still trying to get it all
done. Have faith in me, at least just a little. heading to the dr.
tomorrow to see what exactly is wrong with me, hope the news isn't
that bad. You know the one thing i hate about being sick?? I can't
smoke >_< it fucking sucks. blah, i might just try to soon, then take
a shower. deal with the pain in my throat just to relax, defiantly
know its need from all this stress.

PS! i hate that the sun is gone so early now /: it's irritating... its
5:43pm and it looks like it's almost 10pm.
Summer is my love
Fall is my friend
Winter is my enemy
Spring is my acquaintance


ciao <3

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