My life is an open book
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2010-11-16 07:11:08 (UTC)

Chapter -1

The second coming of X
Chapter -1

Clear cool night. Back then I can remember many, many cool nights like
this. As we took a right turn then straight down a winding road, I
couldn’t see the power lines from out the passenger window anymore.
“Where the fuck are we” we’re almost there, its right down the road.
Tanto always had a funny way of saying “go with me somewhere real
quick” cause somewhere usually meant somewhere bad and quick meant a
few hours. Left turn on a dirt road. Three houses on this road and of
course we’re going to the last one. “Ok get down and just don’t talk
back to these guys, don’t say anything stupid, and let me do the
talking” as Tanto walks in front of me I just let out a where the fuck
did you bring me? I look u around and watch my breathe in the cool
night, light a cigarette and look around nothing but dark silence and
no city for miles. I look up and enjoy the clear dark night for a few
seconds and walk behind Tanto.

We walk to the back and there are about, oh, 15 guys back there
talking drinking you can hear some rap music from the radio. I fellow
Tanto and shake everyone’s hand and then meet up with the owner of the
house. El Medo Medo. As Tanto talks to him I was offered all the beer
I wanted from a HUGE barrel full of beer. SHIT, after a few beers and
some HAHA’s and HEHE’s later, Tanto comes up to me and whispers to me
“whatever happens do you got my back” I just look at him and say
“Yeah”. Fifteen guys each take out a gun and point them at us. The
main guy mistakes Tanto for his brother, keep s calling him Weezle. I
open the last beer in my hand and just take a huge drink from it then
throw the can to the ground.

Before shit went down, someone had shown up and started to talking to
the owner, assured him that Tanto was not his brother and after a few
awkward moments, everyone put their guns down, he gives us a hug and
excuses himself for the confusion. After a few minutes we were
drinking again, he even tried to sell me his Pontiac Firebird. All the
laughing, drinking music playing I follow Tanto back to his car. We
jump the fuck in and peel the fuck off… “What the fuck” I yell. He
apologizes and takes out a quarter of Coke. Break it up; I get one
snnnifffff… two sniiffffff three snifffffffffff. I looked at him, him
at me, we laugh and I knew then shit was never going to be the same.

These are told, untold stories of how I recall them, all names will be
changed and I hope you enjoy these little writings of mine. Cue badass
awesome song with credits.

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