Experienced Life
2010-11-15 20:41:32 (UTC)

Fenced patched, garage a little cleaner

Well, I patched up the owner's fence somewhat. Stupid dogs better not
go out again. Cleaned up the garage a little. Looks a little better.
Hey, if I can't sleep, I got myself a little project I guess. That car
is pretty much the last expensive thing that I still have so I should
take care of it.

Ok, enough of this babble. Time to watch the DVD rental and drink some
of my wine. Haha. My life is sure gotten pathetic.

I had a stupid thought. Speeding down the freeway, setting the cruise
control, climbing up on the thru the sunroof, steering with my foot
and then just go "Thelma and Louise".

Just stupid thoughts with too much stupid time on my hands that's all.

Time for my movie. Later diary

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