The Real Me
2010-11-16 03:54:53 (UTC)

I have everything yet nothing.

Nothing seems to set me apart from realty
The fact that you just are not here
I cant explain anymore
How much it can possibly hurt
Never thought I would fall in love
But maybe I have?
Because I cnt live without you
Yet I try, and its like breathing air without oxygen.
Now I have no idea what love is
But every second of every moment of every day you reside in my memory
I walk through this day every single thing reminds me of you.
Why does this happen?
Why does hurt occur?
i wish I could let you go
Forget you forever
I never wana relive these memories
I never wana know you
I never wana remeber
because it hurts
I pretend every day with a smile but nothing is real anymore.
I want to runaway but to where?
I am nothing but a girl to you
But to me you mean everything
I dont even know how?
HOW this is possible
because I get over everything
But how can I not get over you?
I dont understand?

I no longer exist.
I am no longer me.
I will never go back.
I have changed.

Its sad because I am no longer who I used to be in front of everyone
anymore. I have changed so much. i simply dont care. I dont know what
happened I just dont care. i will do anything to get my own way.