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2010-11-15 19:04:08 (UTC)

Stupid Dogs

Well, my dogs (abandoned by ex) got out again. Someone was kind enough
to drop them off at the nearest vet. I told the owner of this place
that he has lots of holes in his fence below and between the fence.

I tried to block all the holes under the fence and I think I got
those. However, I didn't know there are spaces that is small enough
for the dogs to slide thru throughout the fence. Shit! I feed them
good food. They get to kick it once in awhile with me in the house.
Fucking Chihuahuas got decided to bail on me. I don't even want them.

I just feel sorry for them cause they got abandoned by the ex. I
almost said screw it, keep the dang dogs but I felt bad cause the kids
like them. Other than that, I say givem to some asian family for dinner.

So, along with taking the dogs back, I gotta go patch up the fence
where I think the dogs can get out. As if I got nothing else to do.

Anyway, it's getting colder here and the car is frosted in the
morning. I realize it's nothing like in Michigan or wherever it snows
but hey, I'm originally from Hawaii so frost is a major thing for me. lol

I figure since the kids aren't here anymore, I will use the empty
bedrooms for storage until I sort out the junk. I'm hoping to get
enough of the garage cleared up so that I can park my car and
motorcycle in there. I'm sorta getting there.

Just trying to keep busy so my mind doesn't wonder about stupid things