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2010-11-16 00:14:04 (UTC)

Day 1

Day one of no longer talking to my boyfriend. Well it was pretty
much half a day. Him and I agreed for me not talk to talk to him for
atleast a week so he can think things through. I miss him and
everything we went through before all this happened.. I love him
more than I can explain.. I know he feels the same but with all the
stress for both of us it's getting harder in our relationship. I
just hope his thinking goes well, I don't like being without him..
Just half this day makes me feel like I'm going to break apart
without him. I need to do this though. he's allowed to text me when
he needs to, I hope he'll text me everyonce in ahwile... Since him
and I broke up last friday I've felt sick, lost, and torn apart.
I've prayed for things to turn around and I don't ever really pray.
The next month will only be harder for me to go through.. I have no
one left since he left me.. I have nobody I feel comfortable enough
to talk to.. He was my boyfriend, my best friend, and my heart, now
I have nothing.. Since we decided this earlier today I've been
missing him like crazy. I miss him calling me every morning to wake
me up, talking to him on the phone at night. I miss play fighting
and eating chinese food. I miss his nagging at me to clean my room
and the faces he makes randomly. I need to get through this week
hoping he feels like I do so we'll end up happily together. I'd do
anything for him.
Part 2:
I'm missing him like crazy, I don't know how I'm going to do this..
but I need to to prove to him that I will do anything for us to end
up back together.. or atleast happy if we can't be together. I would
do anything just to talk to him at the moment though, I feel so
lonely even though I'm not.

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