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Sonny with a Chad

Sonny with a Chad
D’Arc Tangent

Chad sat in his makeup chair and admired himself in the lit mirror of
his personal dressing room. As the star of McKenzie Falls, the top
rated teen drama, the perks were incredible. There was nothing he
could not have, and yet, he was unfulfilled.

Across the sound stage, at the set of So Random, a mediocre sketch
comedy, the atmosphere was different. The people there cared for
each other, looked out for each other, and genuinely seemed to be
friends. This vexed Chad. Chad, for all his fame, and wealth, and
good looks and charisma, lacked any true friends, mainly because he
did not trust anyone enough to allow them to be his friends. So, the
only pleasure Chad truly enjoyed, was the disruption of other peoples

Today, he turned his attentions toward Sonny Munroe, the bright,
annoyingly perky newcomer to that annoyingly perky sketch comedy.
She was attractive, and friendly, and eager to please, but young and
naive about show business, but that never stopped her from trying to
please as many people as she could. This, too, vexed Chad.

Sonny shared her dressing room with Tawni Hart. Tawni considered
herself Chad’s equal, a concept Chad found laughable. Tawni saw
herself as a mover and shaker in the teen comedy circles, and that
her delusional celebrity was on par with Chad. This, oddly enough,
did not vex him. Chad could only grin amusingly at her attempts to
be as popular as he was, and that was when it hit him. Chad needed a
diversion, and shattering both Tawni and Sonny’s friendship, as well
as their ego, and hopefully their careers, would be just the
diversion he needed.

“That was an incredible show!” Sonny practically screamed as she and
Tawni entered their dressing room. “Wasn’t that awesome?” She
asked. Tawni could not have cared less about her exuberance.

“What’s the matter Tawni?” Sonny asked.

Tawni looked as if she was considering her words, which was ironic as
no matter how she may have appeared to consider her words, what
really was happening was she was most likely choosing her words to
delivery the most hurt.

“Your timing was a little off.” She said. Short, simple, a beautiful
seed of doubt that would grow into fear. Tawni liked Sonny, most
times, but she had nurtured her diva persona so well that she refused
to give it up just because she was straddled with a roommate, and
equal. The only other female star of So Random was a mere ten years
old and could not possible understand what it was like to be Tawni
Hart. Sonny, was her age, a young woman, with the same dreams and
desires, and dare she think it, talent. As much as she enjoyed
Sonny’s company, most of the time, she was not going to lose HER show
to this upstart.

“Wha-what do you, you mean, my, my timing was off?” Sonny said,
fighting back the sting. Sonny had thought she had done a wonderful
job. A proving ground that she may be young and inexperienced, but
that she could hold her own with these veterans.

“Oh Pish!” Tawni said, “Forget about it. It’s not like it hasn’t
happened to all of us, well, except me. I have never missed a cue,
but the others, you can ask them, it happens, Don’t worry, you will
get better. You might even be almost as good as me, one day.” Tawni
comforted her.

“You really think I can be as good as you?” Sonny gushed at her BFF.

“ALMOST.” Tawni said, “Almost as good as me, certainly better than
the boys.” And then she held her arms out for a hug. Sonny hung her
head low and tromped over to Tawni, who hugged her, and patted her on
the back in an apparently sympathetic manner.

“KNOCK, KNOCK” Chad said as he opened the dressing room door on the
two girls. “I hope I am not disturbing you?” and then seeing the two
girls embraced, “Oh, I guess I did, please, carry on.” He said as he
stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Sonny and Tawni
released their holds on each other.

“What do you want Chad?” the two girls asked in unison.

“Hey, I just stopped by to see how the two cutest girls are doing.”

“Whatever!” Tawni says, waving her hands in the air and heading into
the change room.

“I never thought she’d leave,” Chad says as he moves closer to Sonny.

“What are you doing?” she asked stepping back from his advance.

“Look, I know I give you 'So Random' guys a hard time, but really, I
have been watching you, and you know what?”

“What?” Sonny asked, still not entirely trusting him.

“YOU, have talent. I am still on, let us say, a fact-finding
mission, but I am planning on asking the producer if we can maybe
write in a guest shot for you, you know, to see how you do on a
serious show.”

“You want ME, to be on Mackenzie Falls?” Sonny almost screamed.

“Shh!” Chad said. “You can’t tell ANYONE. I still have to get it
past the producer, but if he likes the idea, I am sure I can get you
a guest shot, and who knows…” and he left it hanging there.

“But I would still like to know a little more about you, so what do
you say I pick you up for dinner tonight, and we can talk, and see
where this goes.”

“OH MY GOD!” Sonny contained her scream. “I so would love to be with
you tonight!”

“Good, then I will send my limo over to your place at say, 7:00?”

“Your, your limo, I guess so, I mean, yes, sure, I guess, seven,
alright.” Sonny stammered out.

“Good, and remember, not a word to anyone. If this gets out it can
skunk the whole deal, so tell NO ONE!”

“No One.” Sonny said, as she made a locking motion over her mouth.

Tawni came out of the change room, wrapped in a towel, drying her
hair before wrapping it up in her towel.

“So, what did, Chad,” and her words dripped with distain, “want?”

“Oh, nothing, you know, just being Chad.”

Seven O’clock rolled around and Sonny was almost bouncing off the

"What is with you tonight Sonny?" her mother asked.

"Nothing mother." Sonny said, annoyed that her mother was insightful
enough to notice how excited she had become. "I am just waiting for
my friends." she continued, "We are just getting together to discuss
the show you know, like we always do."

The car horn outside sent a shiver down Sonny's spine as she grabbed
her bag and charged down the stairs, hoping that her mother would not
look out the window to see the limousine she was climbing into. Once
in, though, she forgot all about her mother, her friends, everything
but meeting with Chad. The limo pulled away and for the first time
since she had come to Hollywood, she actually felt like a star. She
liked how it felt.

"Sonny!", Chad greeted her as she was led to his loft, "I am so glad
you could make it. I had my chef prepare some food, I find it helps
relax the mood."
"Oh no," Sonny said as Chad lifted the lid on the chafing
dish, "I already had din...is that triple alarm chicken wings?" she
said as the acrid smell of hot sauce struck her.

"Your fave, if I have done my research." he smiled that incredibly
sexy smile that made her melt.

"I love triple alarm chicken wings!" She rejoiced, then realizing how
lame she sounded added, "Once in a while. You know, watching my
figure and all."

"Well I love them." Chad said as he picked up one and bit into
it. "Sure it means eight hours at the gym tomorrow but what is fame
without the cost, right?"

"Right." Sonny said as she, too, grabbed a wing and bit in.

"So," Chad said as he swallowed the bite he had in his mouth, "Tell
me about yourself." He said, "Tell me what Sonny Munroe is like. I
want to know all about you, so I know how best to work you into the

"Well," She started, "I was born in Indiana, dad has an accounting
firm, mom is a stay at home mom, so it was easy-peasy for her to come
with me to Hollywood when I got the job here at 'So Random', and I
have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was a little girl."

Chad listened to her for about twenty minutes as she told him about
how she got the part in her junior high play and how she loved being
in the spotlight and how she would some day come to Hollywood and
then the national talent search that came to Indiana and he just
listened, taking it in, forming an image in his mind based on her
dialogue when he finally said, "Enough, I think I got an idea."

"You do?" Sonny said.
"Yes." he smiled that incredible Chad smile, "I think I will see
about making a three or four episode arc where you are my love
interest" he said, "What do you think?"

"You mean like your girlfriend?" Sonny asked, a little nervous.

"Well, more of a romance, that might turn into a girlfriend if the
producers like you, if not, then you get sick and die and I get an
Emmy nomination for my grieving boyfriend role." he joked, his eyes
smiling at her.

"I would so totally rock as your girlfriend." Sonny said.

"You think so?" Chad said, lifting one eyebrow in an 'I don' believe
you' gesture.

"Sure I would." Sonny aid defensively.

"Then kiss me." Chad commanded.

"What?" Sonny said, shocked at his forwardness.

"See." he said, "A simple stage direction and you question it. How
are you going to cut it on a top rated television show if you
question every order given you?"

"But, I just thought..."

"You thought I was making a play for you, right?" Chad accused.
"Well yeah, I mean..." Sonny backpedaled.

"You thought wrong. I asked you to prove you could play my
girlfriend and you immediately thought I was hitting on you. How am
I supposed to write you in as a romantic lead if you think the script
is rigged to trick you. You need to grow up and learn what it means
to be an actress." Chad's voice was calm but tense, exuding the
disappointing anger he intended to relay.

"I'm sorry." Sonny said, "Let me try again, please."

"One more time then." Chad sounded almost forgiving.

Sonny made an overly grandeur motion to kiss Chad but he stopped her
before she could.

"What are you doing?" he asked, the annoyance in his voice obvious.

"Trying to kiss you?" and the question was filled with doubt.

"Is that the way you kiss your boyfriend?" he asked and Sonny looked
at her feet uncomfortably.

"I do not have a boyfriend." she said in a hushed tone.

"You have never kissed a boy?" Chad asked and his voice was a mixture
of intrigue and humour.

"You're laughing at me." Sonny said, hurt.

"No." Chad said, "Well, a little but I find it amazing a woman," and
paused to let the title sink in, "as beautiful as you has never
kissed a boy."

"I was focusing on being an actress." Sonny explained.

"But acting comes from experiences." Chad said, "Did you think you
could fake your way through a love scene? How can you make it real
if you do not know what real is?"

"So you are saying that since I have never kissed a boy I can't play
your girlfriend?" Sonny was suddenly filled with a odd mixture of
anger and despair.

"No," Chad said, "All you need is a little practice. Let us try
something." then a very serious look formed on his face as he
said, "Do you trust me?"

This time Sonny did not hesitate, she said, "Yes."

"Alright," Chad said, "First lesson, try to kiss me like a good

Sonny approached Chad, took his face in both hands and planted a kiss
on his lips. Chad stared at her for a moment after she let him go
then finally just said, "Whoa! I want to be your friend."

"Too much?" she asked.

"A little." he replied, then continued, "Watch me." he said as he
walked around the room readying himself, then he said, @Sit down."
Sonny sat on the sofa, watching him work, watching as an idea formed
in his mind.
"Alright," he started, "I want to do something, but in order to do
it, I need you to do something for me. I need a favour, which you
have just granted, and I am so happy that I just kiss you. Now
watch." and he circled around the room again and when he approached
Sonny he did not even look like Chad, he looked liked an excited
young man.

"Oh My God Sonny thank you," he said, "Thank you, thank you. You
have no idea what this means to me." then he took her hands in his
and smiled the cutest little happy smile then lean in and kissed her
so fast and quick on the lips that she hardly had time to react
before he was saying, "Thank you, you are like the best friend, I owe
you big. Thank you." then, almost as soon as he spoke the last line,
Chad was back. "So?" he said, "What did you think."
"It's really strange." Sonny said, "I didn't even register the kiss
at first, and then when I did, I didn't really feel anything but
happy but not happy that you kissed me, just happy that I made you
happy. Does that make sense to you?"

"Now focus on that feeling. Understand what that meant to you and we
will try it again, only this time, YOU kiss me. Ready?"

"Yes." Sonny said, "I'm ready." and the two switched positions.
Sonny walked up to Chad and said, "Thank you so much for doing this."
then turned to walk away, paused, turned back and kissed him lightly
and quickly on the lips. Then turned and walked away, stopping just
a few steps away she turned and asked, "How was that?"

"Much better." he said, "Now, have some food and ponder the next
scenario we are going to do. You are going to be my girlfriend, and
you are leaving, so we have to break up. You have to kiss me goodbye
in such a way that you do not want me to forget you." then he stared
deep into her eyes and said, "Do you think you can do that?"
Sonny sat in the chair across from Chad and ate another wing,
pondering the scene. She had never had a boyfriend before, never had
to leave anyone, never had to say goodbye to a loved one in this
manner. Chad watched her as he ate, watching the conflict crossing
her face.

"Is there an actor you are crushing on?" he asked, and almost before
he could finish the question Sonny blurted out "Orlando Bloom!"

"Orlando." Chad said, sounding deflated, "Hmm, I guess I can see the
appeal." he said, "You know, if you like really old guys, I mean."

"He's not that old." Sonny said, "I mean he is only like 33 years

"I know," Chad said, his tone almost defeated, "I guess I just kinda
hoped..." and he trailed off as he spoke.

"You thought I would have a crush on YOU?" Sonny said, her timber
accentuating the last word, then she back peddled, "I mean you are
hot, and totally crush worthy..."

"Just not to you." Chad finished.

"I mean we know each other, we are kinda friends, if I didn't know
you personally, you would be so crush worthy."

"So you DO like me?" Chad said, his voice reflecting the
enlightenment in his words.

"I do." Sonny said, "As a friend, a really good friend, is that O.K?"

Chad gave her a very warm and sympathetic smile. "Sure." he said,
then gave her a quick, friendly hug, "So do you think you can do the
romantic kiss now?" he asked.

"Sure," she said, then added, "Friend."

Sonny took his hands in hers and looked deep into his sparking blue

"Chad," she said, then breaking scene she asked, "What character are
you playing in this role.

"Let's not over complicate it, for now, let us just use Chad and
Sonny, if you need to practice more, maybe we will go into deeper
detail, but for now let us keep it simple."

"Oh, O.K then" she said and stood away from him for a moment, Shaking
herself, getting back into character.

"Chad." she said again, "I have to go. My folks, we, we are..." and
she tried to choke back the lump forming in her throat, but before
she could finish, Chad started.

"I know." he said, "I know." and he held her close to him, and his
embrace was firm, warm, needed, and Sonny was not to sure if her
feelings were for the scene, or for the pleasing way Chad's arms felt
around her.

"Can I have one last kiss to remember you by?" he asked, his voice
trembling with fear, not only that this will be the last time would
ever kiss her, but that she might actually say no. Then Sonny, still
holding his hands in hers, looked deep into the blue eyes and
smiled. She let go his hands and cupped his face, holding him in her
grasp as she closed in for a kiss. Their mouths met. Opened. Their
tongues caressed and the kiss deepened, full of longing, desire, and
sadness. Sonny let go of his face and embraced him. Chad
reciprocated and the two were locked in a passionate kiss for what
seemed an eternity. Soon though, they pulled away and Sonny took his
hand again, looked into his eyed and smiled a weak, soulful smile.

"Good bye Chad." she said, then finished with same friendship kiss
she practiced earlier, then turned and walked away. She only took a
few steps when she stopped and turned back to look at him. Chad had
not moved. He stood dumbfounded as Sonny asked, "How was that?"

Chad paused a moment, then caught himself, shaking his head to clear
his mind he said, "Great. Great, really, and that bit at the end
when you change the relationship from romantic to platonic was
excellent. Are you sure you never dumped anyone before?"

Sonny blushed and said, "No. No. I have never I just thought..."
but Chad interrupted her.
"Oh My God look at the time." he said as he grabbed her coat, "I
think you have to go now. Really. I have... stuff... to do and
you... I am sure you need to go now." and he thrust the coat at her
and rushed her to the door.

"But how was I?" she asked, "Do you think I can get the part?"

"Great." he said, "You were great we can talk later. Busy. Later."
and he closed the door as Sonny stood in the hallway confused, then
she played back the scene in her head and smiled, but not for a job
well done, she smiled as she remembered Chad's lips on hers, and as
she recalled the sensation a voice from behind.

"Shall I take you home now?" the voice of the limo driver said.
Sonny was freed from her reverie as she turned and said, "Yes. Yes.
Please. Take me home." and she followed the driver out to the
waiting car.

That night Sonny slept restlessly. The memory of Chad's kiss burned
in her mind and filled her with warmth even as the strange feeling of
isolation that he displayed afterwards nagged at her. She dreamt of
being pursued by a giant demon whose body was half fire and half
ice. As the beast chased her through the landscape of her nightmare
it continually called out to her in gentle words of love, but every
time it touched her it caused unbearable pain that caused her to wake
up screaming.

"Sonny!" her mother called as she rushed into the bedroom to find her
daughter awake and shaking, "Sonny dear what is the matter?" she
comforted as she held her daughter in her arms.

"It's nothing mom." Sonny said as she reluctantly pushed her mother
away, trying to be mature enough to handle a bad dream.

The next morning Sonny was back on the set of So Random and
her heart was racing. She knew why. She knew what it was that
filled her with anxiety, it was Chad, but more so, it was the kiss.
What she did not know was WHY. Was she exited to see her new love,
or afraid to see a colleque and friend who pushed her over the
threshold of friendship without even knowing it? The kiss, after
all, was staged. It was a skit. An exercise. it really meant
nothing, and yet it meant everything to Sonny. What if it did not
mean the sane to Chad? What if it did? He was, him and his McKenzie
Falls cabal, were after all, The Enemy. Could he have feelings for a
woman he has tormented all these months? Could she? Could they ever
admit it if they did? As dictated in their contracts, all underage
cast members of So Random were required to attend class in the
mornings, that gave Sonny a reprieve, but she knew she would see him
at lunch, but all though she suffered the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortunes from the rest of the McKenzie Falls cast, Chad
was nowhere to be found. Rehearsal was a nightmare for Sonny as she
was so off her game. They finally made a run-through that worked and
closed the show in time but it was pure agony how often Sonny felt
she let her cast mates down.

"What the hell was wring with you?" Tawny said as she and Sonny
entered their shared dressing room.

"I know." Sonny said, flopping onto the sofa, almost in tears, "I...
I don't know. I was out late, last night, doing something, and I
guess it took more out of me than I thought." It was a convincing
lie, or at best, a half truth. "I promise, I will do better
tomorrow, I just... I just need some rest. I will be better
tomorrow." she said, then picking up her things she rushed out of the
dressing room, and out of the studio, not even noticing her co-stars,
not even noticing Chad.

"Knock Knock." Chad said as he rapped the open door to Tawny's
dressing room, the hands splayed over his eyes in a false attempt to
cover them he asked "Decent?"

"What the hell do you want!" Tawny yelled.

"Well, that answers my question." Chad joked as he stepped inside,
shutting the door behind him. "Good show?" he asked in a way that
Tawny knew he already knew the answer.

"Still waiting for an answer," Tawny said, not so loud this
time, "What do you want?"

"Believe it or not, I want to help you." Chad said.

"I choose not." Tawny said, "Now, if it is alright with you, I would
like to be alone."

"I have a feeling that won't be too much of an issue soon." Chad
baited her, then turning to the door he held the knob longer than
necessary to give Tawny time to process his words, then, just as he
opened the door Tawny said, "Wait." and Chad smiled slightly before
turning to face her.

"What do you mean?"

Chad closed the door behind him and locked it. He did not need an
impromptu audience for this performance.

"Sonny was brought in because of a nationwide talent search, right?"
he asked and Twany nodded, fixated on Chad's question to fathom what
he was getting at.

"But we both know she hasn't the chops for this, right?" he plied her
ego, and Tawny wanted to say no, wanted to stick up for her cast
mate, but Chad did not give her the chance, he just ran into his own

"C'mon," he said, "You saw her out there today. She blew it. I mean
you guys don't do the most elaborate of skits and she couldn't even
pull that off." and the timber in his voice rose as he became
passionate about his diatribe. "Your work is hardly McKenzie Falls
caliber." he taunted and as Tawny was about to object Chad stopped
her his a hand gesture.

"I just mean McKenzie Falls is a drama, we deal with a lot of
emotion, we deal with life. So random pretty much live up to its
name. There is no cohesion. So it is understandable that they would
choose such an undisciplined actress to fill in the gaps." then he
launched his attack, "So think about it. The producers chose her,
and they do not like to admit their mistakes, so after today's
fiasco, they are only going to give Sonny more time, more leads, and
more opportunities to prove they made the right choice, and where
does that leave YOU?"

"What do mean?" Tawny asked, but she was sure she knew where this was

"You my dear," he said, "Will be relegated to helping her look good.
0you will go from being The Star to being her trainer," and then he
looked deep into Tawny's eyes as he finished, "A has been."

Tawny sank onto the sofa, her face white with the realization of
Chad's words. "You said you wanted to help." Tawny said, "How?"

"What if the roles were reversed?" Chad asked, "What if you were the
new talent on a show that the producers wanted to make an example
of? You would get carte blanche on the set."

"Where would I go?" Tawny asked, "who would be willing to take that
risk in this town?"

Chad moved close to Tawny and softly stroked her bare arm. His touch
sent a chill of cold fire through her body because despite all the
meanness he has exhibited he was still everything she desired.

Rich. Powerful. Beautiful.

"I have been talking with the producers about adding a new female
lead." he said, "A love interest." and again his sparkling blue eyes
bore into hers, "For me." Then grasping her shoulders he held her
gaze, "I would like that role to go to you." Then without warning or
invitation Chad kissed her hard and passionately on the mouth. Tawny
placed her hands on his chest to push him away but no sooner did she
do so when the fire of his passion overwhelmed her and she gave in to
his kiss.

His mouth was magic on her lips and her neck and her body burned with
her desire for him. Some part of her must have recognized what he
was doing, but all rational thought was dispelled by the sheer
pleasure of his touch. His lips was sensual as they kissed her neck
and shoulders. She reveled in the feel of his hands on her body.
She could feel his hands on her skin, on her ribs and her back and
her stomach. She was barely aware of how hard her nipples were as he
suckled her breasts and kissed her al the way down her belly. She
spread her legs, though she did not know why, or why she had such
powerful sensations coming from between her legs, or why she felt so
hot, so wet, so alive. For some reason she found herself laying on
the sofa looking at the ceiling as fire burned through her body, then
the ceiling was replaced by Chad's face, smiling, warm, beautiful.
She smiled, then laughed at some odd feeling of joy, then there was
this most incredible sensation burning through her then the most
intense sensation that was almost painful in its intensity, and she
moan out Chad's name, softly, then she almost felt like passing out,
but instead all she did was try sit up against the arm of the sofa as
two simultaneous thoughts hit her.

She was naked, and she was suddenly very sore, down there. About the
same time she was suddenly aware that Chad was standing next to her,
and he was naked as well, and, well, she thought, very well endowed,
then all the shards of memory coalesced in her mind.

"We just fucked!" she blurted out, then covering her mouth as if the
reign in those words she repeated, softer, "We just had sex?"

"I was kinda hoping it was something that you would not have
forgotten so soon." Chad said, making his voice sound hurt, but the
smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes told her he was quite
happy. "So, you didn't like it?" he said.

"Oh My God no!" she blurted out in a whisper, "I mean like wow! It
was... it was like wow!" and Tawny suddenly found she did not have
the words to describe the sensations she was feeling. "It was
incredible." she said. "It was so... so... so can we like do it
again?" she asked.

Chad slid her legs off the sofa so she ended up sitting normally on
the sofa as he sat next to her. He looked deep into her eyes again
and said, "I would love to but..." and he looked down at his hands in
his lap, Tawny's eyes following but focused more on his manhood
which was still pretty erect.
"This is awkward he said as he returned his gaze to Tawny, "We really
should not have done this." he said, and Tawny looked shocked, but
Chad hastened to add, "It's a matter of timing. If the studio gets
wind of this, they will think I am just trying to get my girlfriend a
role on my show." and Tawny smiled at the word girlfriend, "So as
much as I would like to, right here, right now, if this gets out it
can 'kibosh' the whole plan."

Tawny frowned, and her heart sank, but Chad added, "We can still be
together." he said, "Just not all the time, and no one," and he
emphasized, "NO ONE can know about this until AFTER you get the
part." and then he smiled his devilishly charming smile as he looked
over her naked body and said, "But since we are both naked anyway..."
and he let the thought trail off as he playfully pushed her back down
on the sofa as he slid his body atop her and started to kiss her

The following day went down in the annals of the remaining So Random
cast as Backwards Day. For reasons totally inexplicable to the rest
of the cast, the usually acerbic Tawny was sweetness and sunshine,
full of good word to everyone and forgiving of Sonny's mis-steps even
as the usually bright and aptly named Sonny was sullen and lacking in
focus. After rehearsal Sonny ran into her dressing room to hide, but
that was short lived as Tawny entered.

"What was wrong with you today?" she asked, she actually asked.
There was no condemnation, no sarcasm. Tawny actually seemed to care
about what had affected Sonny.

"I... I don't know." Sonny was almost in tears, "I just couldn't
focus. All I could think about was..." then she remembered that this
was a secret she could not risk.

"Boy trouble." Tawny answered for her, "They totally screw up your
life," then, almost to herself, "Or not." and a smile played across
her face as she recalled making love to Chad the night before.
Twice. She smiled again, then shaking her head to clear her thoughts
she said, "You have to find out what is distressing you and solve
it. The producers are not going to give you free reign for long."
she said more to appease her own fears than to relieve Sonny's.

Sonny fought back her tears and tried to regain her composure. She
straightened herself up, then stood up confidently.
"I will do it!" she averred.
"You might want to fix your make up." Tawny interjected, "You like a
psychotic raccoon."

Sonny forced a smile across her face as she nodded her agreement
before excusing herself and heading for the shower in their shared
dressing room. She slowly peeled off her clothes, layer by layer.
Her top came off first, a simple pullover Camp Rock T-Shirt to reveal
her plain white bra, which in seconds joined the shirt on the floor.
She looked in the mirror and had to agree that she did look like a
psychotic raccoon. She proceeded to sit at her vanity and remover
her make-up, and one done slipped her jeans over her hips and down
her legs, where she promptly kicked them over to join her shirt.
Bracing herself on the vanity she pulled off her socks and tossed
them into the pile as well, and finally slipped her boy cut panties
off before setting the taps on her shower and climbing in.

The water was warm and cathartic as all her anxieties began to wash
off in the shower. She did not so much wash as soak up the steamy
hot water and when she finally felt more like herself she turned off
the water and climbed out of the shower. Sonny knew what she needed
to do to get her mojo back, she needed to see Chad.

Still dripping wet she picked up her pile of clothes and dumped them
in her hamper, then started to select the clothes she would need for
her next performance; a strong and in control woman.

Her first choice, a black lace thong. It was bold and daring and
just wearing it made her feel more adult, and she paired that with a
black lace demi bra. A white silk shirt, just a little bit too big
so it did not hug her body but flowed nicely and occasionally offered
demure glimpses at what was hidden. Naturally you cannot be mature
in ankle socks so a pair of black nylons wee order as well as a short
skirt, naturally black as well. Topped off with a pair of pumps and
she was ready. Quickly blow drying her hair and styling it she
dressed and stepped out into the dressing room.

"Oh My God!" Tawny said, I do not want to be the guy on the receiving
end of this outfit, then she smiled and said "Give him hell sister."

"Will do." Sonny answered and left the room.

There was a knock on Chad's door and he looked through his
peephole. "About time." he said under his breath then opened the

"Sonny." looked surprised, "What brings you here?"

"What the hell is wrong with you!" she said as she stormed passed him
into his suite.

"Please, come in." Chad said after the fact as he closed the door
behind her.

"Will you tell me what the hell is wrong with you." she shouted.

"Apparently that is a long and detailed list. Do you care to cut it

"You were rehearsing with me about a possible role on your show, then
you kissed me..."

"A 'play kiss' actually." Chad corrected.

"Did not seem very playful to me." Sonny said.

"O.K. confession time." Chad said as he took Sonny's hands and led
her to the sofa, "I did kiss you" then before she could say anything
he held his hand up t silence her.

"I 'play kissed' you, like I meant to, like I was supposed to, but
something happened. I felt something in that kiss, and I was afraid
if you thought I felt something for you, you would think I was just
using this offer as a way to get you, and I did not want to risk
losing you as a partner or a friend." and he delivered his line with
such sincerity that Sonny was taken aback for a moment.

"You feel something for me?" she asked? "Me?"

"Why do you find this so hard to believe?" and he sounded totally
confused that he would even have to ask such a question.

"I mean you are a very beautiful woman," he liked using the word
woman on girls, it made them feel more mature, "You are very
talented, and more importantly you are not a self-centered
opportunist like, say, other people around here."

"You think I am beautiful?" Sonny said.

"Duh." Chad replied then he got up off the sofa and took her hands,
lifting her up as well. Chad pulled Sonny close to him and looked
her deep into her eyes.

"I happen to think you are the most incredible woman I have met." and
he punctuated his comment with a kiss. His kiss was full of passion
and desire and Sonny could feel all her anger and frustration melting
from her. When Chad finally pulled away, Sonny stood there with her
eyes closed, remembering the kiss.

Sonny was suddenly aware of a strange pressure on her lips and when
she opened her eyes she saw Chad was tracing them with his fingers.
He followed the curves with his thumbs as he held her chin in his
outstretched fingers. The touch was gentle and sensuous and it sent
chills through her body and she suddenly found herself taking his
thumbs from her lips and softly sucking on them. She stroked the
edges of his thumb with her teeth. Just enough pressure to stimulate
him, and it seemed to work. He pulled his hands free from her mouth
and cupped her face, holding her to him as he stared into her eyes
and she knew what he wanted, what she wanted, and her mouth opened
slightly to accept his and suddenly her world was an explosion of
colour. She felt things she had never experienced before and every
one of those experience was new, frightening, and exciting, and she
wanted to experience them all, over and over again.

Sonny devoured his kisses, returning kind for kind, passion for
passion. She wrapped her arms around him, held him, embraced his
body next to hers. Without evening realizing it, she had grasped his
buttocks, squeezing them, and Chad responded in kind, his dropping
from her face to her ass, pushing her body into his. Sonny was
suddenly aware of Chad's arousal as soon as her body pressed into his
and it excited her.

Suddenly Sonny became more aware of Chad's hands on her ass, because
she realized she could no longer feel him through her skirt, she felt
his bare flesh against her cheeks. He had lifted her skirt and slid
his hands onto her buttocks. Her immediate response was to thrust
her hands down the back of his pants, pulling his shirt up until she
could get under his shorts, and feel those rock hard buns. She felt
things happening to her body every time she touched his and she
needed more.

His kisses set her mind aflame and overrode her senses such that at
first she was not even aware that Chad had stopped fondling her ass,
and it was a moment later that she realized he had pulled down the
zipper of her skirt. Sonny pushed Chad away even as she also backed
away from him and the look of embarrassment on his face looked
sincere as he softly said, "I am so sorry. I did not..." but he
never got to finish his sentence as he saw Sonny start t shimmy out
of her skirt. The black fabric pooled at her feet for a moment
before she stepped out of the skirt and closer to him.

"Touch me." Sonny said, taking Chad’s hands in hers and placing the
on her breasts, "Touch me like a woman. I want to e a woman. I want
to be your woman." she said, and Chad started to undo the buttons on
her blouse. As he did so, Sonny was aware of the sensation of the
back of his hand ragging across her flesh and each touched chilled
her, filling her with excitement. He pushed the blouse over her
shoulders but did not pull it off. Instead he used it to pull her
into him, her arms bound in the fabric of her own shirt she was
powerless to resist him as he kissed her hard on the mouth. It was
during this captive kiss that he pushed the rest of the blouse off
her arms and tossed it over to where her skirt lay. As their tongues
caressed each other Chad worked the back clasp of her lacey black
bra, sliding it over her shoulders. He stepped back slightly as he
pulled the bra away from her body to reveal her pert breasts, nipples
dark and erect from her desire. He tossed the garment over her
shoulder and Sonny folded her arms across her chest to cover
herself. Chad gently took her arms in his hands and opened them up,
again exposing her before he cup both breasts in his hands and gently
massaged her. He leaned forward and took one of Sonny's breasts in
his mouth. She gasped, started at this, but as his tongue played
across her erect nipple and his mouth suckled her she understood the
action and she moaned softly at his touch.

The passions and desires were raising Sonny and she needed more, but
did not know what she needed, or how to ask, but she was feeling very
anxious between her legs so as Chad started to pull away from sucking
her breasts, she whispered "Fuck me Chad. I need you in me." and she
dropped to her knees and began to undo his pants. She opened them up
and pulled both his pants and his shorts down in one motion. His
desire was evident. He was huge. Sonny had no idea what to expect
but this seemed far bigger than she thought it should be, but didn't
care. She needed to feel him inside her. Already on her knees she
leaned backward onto her back and slid the black lace thong off and
threw it at him.

"Fuck me now Chad. I can't wait anymore, please." and there was a
hint of anxious desperation in her voice. Chad kicked off his
loafers and stepped out of his pants and lowered himself on his mate,
sliding himself easily into her wet pussy.

"Oh My God!" Sonny called out as he entered her, "Oh God Yes! Yes!"
she continued to scream. "Yes Chad! God Yes." as Chad thrusted
himself deep inside her and when he came her last sound was an odd
mixture of a squeal of delight, a gurgle and a moan. Her body was
slick with sweat and shaking as tremors of pleasure racked her and
her heart was pounding and her breathing deep and ragged.

"Holy Shit that was great." she said, then she could feel that Cad
was still hard and inside her. She wrapped her legs around Chad's
body and started to move her muscles to massage Chad's cock.

"What are doing?" Chad said as he tried to pull out, but Sonny held
him tight against her body with her legs and arms.

"Do it again stud." she said, "I want to feel that again" and she
started to lift her torso up and down, massaging his cock and Chad
was powerless to stop her. She grabbed his head and held him in a
kiss that was hot and wet and passionate. She sat up, forcing Chad
to reposition himself until he was now on his back and Sonny sat atop
him bouncing up and down on his erection, gripping it with her
muscles as she rode him hard, pounding her body into his until he
could contain himself no longer and for the second time tonight he
came inside her. Sonny collapsed on Chad, her breasts pressed
against his chest as he cupped her ass holding her body atop his as
they both recaptured their breath. Slowly she rose from Chad's naked
body, his manhood limp and spent, and slowly dressed herself. Chad
barely moved the whole time, but he did enjoy watching Sonny as she
slowly slipped on her skirt and buttoned her blouse.

"Thank you." she said, kissing him softly on the lips, then she
looked down at his cock and smiled and said, "And thank you too." and
she kissed the tip of Chad's cock, and even after back to back love
making, it still twitched at her touch, then Sonny left and caught a

Chad laid back on the sofa and ran the nude image of Sonny through
his mind, and how she was so amazingly adventurous for a virgin, then
he recalled Tawny as well, and then, because it was his fantasy, he
imagined them together. It was a good fantasy. He watched as they
undressed each other and made out, touching each other very
erotically and it was turning him on, even though he still could not
get hard. He let the fantasy play out, and fantasy was all it was
going to be, especially after his next move. Chad got up, still
naked and covered in the sticky aftermath of a very incredible love
making, and called Tawny.

"Hello?" Tawny said, and Chad did not give her time to ask who it
was. Anxiety in his voice he blurted out "Did you tell Sonny about
the part?"

"Chad?" she said, "Is that you?"

"Did you tell her?" he fought to keep the fear and anger he pretended
to have quiet, "Did you mention this to her? To anyone?"

"No Chad!" Tawny could sense the emotions in his voice and she was
scared. "What's the matter Chad?" She asked, fighting back
tears, "What's wrong? What is happening?"

"sonny." he said, and then he started breathing heavy as if he was
fighting back a strong emotion, "Sonny came her, tonight." he said,
and he paused to give the impression of gathering himself, but he
really wanted the words to sink into Tawny's head.

"What was she doing there?" Tawny started to cry, but fought them
back, afraid that whatever was happening, whatever did happen, might
affect her chance at the role, and then almost as an afterthought,
might also affect her relationship with Chad. If he thought she
could not be trusted, he might break it off, and her heart started to
pound louder that she was sure Chad could hear it over the phone.
"Chad, talk to me." she sniffled as she tried to pry more information
out of him. "What did Sonny do?"

"She..." and he choked back the words, not knowing if he could even
say them, should say them, then in an avalanche of words her
said, "She tried to seduce me for the part. She... she even..." and
again he paused.

"What!" now it was Tawny's turn to shout, "What did she do? Tell me!"

Chad managed to summon a tear and a sniffle at the pain and
embarrassment the next words caused him, "She undressed. She said
she wanted me to see what she could do for me. She tried to...
to..." and again he choked the words.

"What did that fucking little whore try to do to you?" Tawny could
no longer hold back her anger. There had never been any real love
lost between the two girls, but Tawny had always believed Sonny to be
a straight shooter, one who tried to make it on talent and
personality. She could have almost felt proud of her for doing
something like this, if it wasn't for the fact that she tried to take
HER job, tried to seduce HER boyfriend. "I am going to kill that
bitch tomorrow. They can fucking fire me if they want, I won't work
with her, not after this."

"Please, my love." Chad said, trying to calm her down, "Do not do
anything to jeopardize your job." he said, "Please, for me?" and his
voice wavered as he fought back his tears, "These actions of hers,
they only made her sound desperate and cheap. Even if she thought
she had a chance, this just killed it for her. I need you to be
strong, be brave, until I know if you got the job, alright? For me?"
and Tawny could hear his concern in his voice, and she tried to sound
calmer, more together.

"For you my love." she said, then added, "I am so sorry." then she
said, "You know, my folks are out at a dinner party and won't be home
until midnight, you know, if you need to work off some of that

"Give me an hour to shower and look presentable." Chad said.

"You would look presentable even if you showed up naked." Tawny
flirted, "And I would not mind one bit. Saves time." and she giggled
a little schoolgirl laugh that was part laughing at her own brashness
and part stress relief.

"I will be there soon." Chad said, "Fully dressed." and he could
almost hear Tawny pouting, "Then YOU can take them off." and Tawny
giggled again.

It was close to 9 PM when Chad showed up at Tawny's home, and as she
promised, there was no one else around. He did park his Mustang one
block away and walk the short distance and came in through the back
alley, just in case anyone should be watching, and Tawny greeted him
at the back door wearing a long black nightie and a thin housecoat
and fur tufted high heal shoes.

"Wow, you look stunning." Chad said.

Tawny smiled and stepped aside to let him into the kitchen area, then
she shut the door, leaning back on it as if she did not want him to
go back out. Chad turned to face her and Tawny flung herself at him,
her arms wrapping around his neck as she kissed him with all the
passion burning in her heart. Chad returned the kiss with equal
passion, his arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her body
close to his. Their mouths opened as they sought to pleasure each
other, and Chad's hands gripped Tawny's ass, pushing her torso
against his as Tawny began to unbutton his shirt. Chad pulled away
slightly to allow Tawny to open his shirt and slide it off his
shoulders. As he allowed the shirt to fall to the floor behind him
Tawny kissed the smooth tanned skin of his bare chest. Chad slipped
open Tawny's housecoat letting it catch in the crook of her arms as
he kissed her bare shoulder, sliding his fingers along the thin
straps of her nightgown. His kissed up along her neck, brushing her
blonde hair back over her shoulders to expose her delicate white
throat to his lips and Tawny's knees began to feel weak as he kissed
her. Tawny struggled against her own desires but managed to push
herself away from Chad, and as she stood a pace back from him she let
her housecoat slide down her body. The black nightgown hugged her
upper body, accentuating the fullness of her pert breasts and hugged
her hips before flowing out and around her legs like mist.

Chad stepped forward and placed his hand on Tawny's shoulders and
looked deep into her blue eyes. Tawny lost herself in his gaze,
staring back at him until she could feel the slight movement at her
shoulder and she turned her back on him at his subtle request. His
hands flowed down her side to her hips the around her waist to hug
Tawny close to him. Chad slid his hands up along her belly to her
breasts, cupping them firmly in his hands, squeezing them gently
through the thin fabric of her nightgown. His hands worked their way
to Tawny's shoulders and then to the back of her neck as he brushed
her hair over her shoulders again to expose the back of her neck to
his mouth. Tawny could feel things between her legs, she could feel
her heart pounding in her skull as he touched her like this. She was
aware of his hands and her shoulders, and of movement, and of the
soft caress of her nightgown flowing down her body and the cool
evening air upon her naked flesh.

Tawny stepped forward and turned to face Chad, looking him over and
delighted at what she saw, even as his face showed the delight he was
experiencing at seeing her naked body before him.

"We seem to be unevenly matched." Tawny smiled as she stepped closer
to Chad and brushed her breasts against his naked chest. "But I am
sure I can fix that." she said as she slowly dropped to her knees and
undid his pants. Chad shivered with anticipation at her touch and
the expectation of what was to come. Tawny pulled down his pants and
his underwear together, not wanting to wait a moment more to get at
the rock hard cock she now held in her hands, and without question or
preamble, she took the erection in her mouth, her hands stroking the
shaft as her lips played over the head and her tongue caressed the
slit at the top. Chad grabbed Tawny's head, holding her in place as
she sucked on him. Chad could feel himself ready, and he softly
whispered "Stop." as he tried to pull free from Tawny, and
reluctantly she let him go.

"Why?" she asked, more confused than hurt even as Chad struggled to
calm his breathing.

"There is something I want to do." he said as he slowly lifted Tawny
up by the shoulders and she completed the maneuver by standing. Chad
then motioned her to turn around and as she did, he lightly pushed
her to the back of her sofa, where she bent to keep herself up as
Chad pushed open her legs. He moved in close behind her, sliding his
still stiff cock up between her legs into the wet slit. Tawny moaned
softly as she felt the fullness of him enter her. Chad wrapped his
arms around her waist to hold onto her as he thrusted hard inside
her, while his fingers played at her clit.

"Oh My God." Tawny screamed as Chad pounded into her, the force of
his thrusts sending ripples though her tight body . Tawny pushed
backward to take in as much of him as she could each time he thrust
hard and fast into her. Each thrust brought out a scream of "Yes!"
or "Oh!" or sometimes just a squeal of delight as he continued to
pound his hard-on into her until finally he just thrusted one last
time, hard, deep, and held it there for a moment before he exploded
into Tawny.

Chad leaned forward onto Tawny's naked back and kissed her neck and
her shoulders and her back as he tried to calm the savage beating of
his heart even as Tawny, bent over the sofa, still feeling Chad
inside her, craved more of him. She stood up, feeling him slide out
of her and the sensation sent tingles through her body, and she
turned to face her lover.

"Are you ready for more?" she asked.

"Give me a minute to catch my breath." Chad responded.

"Well," Tawny said, as she sat on the back of the sofa and spread her
legs wide to show the trimmed pale down surrounded the bright pink
slit between her legs, "Maybe you don't need little Chad this time."
she smiled at him and Chad picked up on her suggestion. He knelt
before her and slipped his tongue inside her, licking a line from
inside her up to her clit, and Tawny grabbed his head to both balance
herself, and to make sure he does not stop. Chad's tongue was
forceful, apply the necessary pressure to exact Tawny's leisure and
her gentle thrusting of her hips as he licked her was sufficient
proof that he was doing it just right. He used his fingers to open
her wider. his suckled the tender clit as his fingers probed inside
her, reaching deep into her to touch the nerve that sent fireworks
into Tawny's brain. Tawny leaned back, pushing herself closer to
Chad's mouth and lost her precarious balance on the edge of the
sofa. She fell back onto the seat, her feet in the air over the back
and Chad standing above her, looking down and smiling.

"Well, I do like the view from here." he said as he looked at Tawny's
spread open legs before he walked around the sofa and joined her. By
the time he made it around Tawny had the time to swing her legs over
the sofa and return to a sitting position. She patted the sofa seat
next to her.

"Please," she smiled at him, "Join me."

Chad joined her on the sofa and he was barely seated when she took
his hand and slid it between her legs.

"I am not ready yet." she said, then looking between his legs she
added, "And neither are you, so..." and Chad again began to massage
the warm wet slit between her legs and as she gasped at the pleasure,
he also leaned forward and took one of her breasts in his mouth and
began to suck on her tender flesh. He kept this up, always aware
through her many gasps and moans and "Oh My God!"'s that she was very
close to climaxing, as was he now. Chad rose from the sofa and swung
Tawny's feet onto the soft fabric of the sofa and spread her legs out
to accept him. Climbing atop her body he easily slid into her wet
and wanting pussy, sliding his full length into her until she
gasped. He started slowly, making sure she was ready, and the softly
gasped "Harder, Chad, fuck me harder, please." was all the
encouragement he needed as he rammed his manhood deep inside Tawny
and she screamed out "Oh Fuck Yes Chad, yes, harder!" her screams
were loud and demanding and Chad obliged until he could hold it no
more and he again came into her as she as well climaxed. Tawny lay
on the sofa, her while body convulsing at the orgasm she just
experienced as Chad stood up. He looked at his watch and said almost
to himself, "Shit it's eleven thirty already." and those words were
enough to shatter much of Tawny's bliss as she as well sat up.

"Shit Chad you gotta get out of here before my folks get home." and
she started gathering his clothes and throwing them at him. Chad
barely had time to dress. he slipped on his underwear and pants but
did not fasten the belt, put his shirt on but did not button it and
slipped into his shoes and didn't even bother with the socks and he
was barely out the back door and across the yard when Tawny's parent
came in. Tawny had just fastened her robe and straightened her hair
when they came in.

"How was you evening dear?" they said as they helped each other with
their coats. it was while their backs were turned that Tawny noticed
Chad's sock and bunched it up in her hand and placed it behind her

"Oh, you know, boring as usual." she said nonchalantly.

"Well you should get to bed. You didn't have to wait up for us, my
dear," her mother said, "You look a little flushed."

Tawny said, "I was doing some Pilate’s, I guess I over did it." and
she smiled at her mother, then she began to feel Chad's cum slip down
her leg, "Well bedtime." she said and she kissed her mother quickly
and carefully rushed up the stairs to the bathroom.

The balance from the past had been restored, if not accentuated.
Sonny's solemn mood had vanished, but the exuberance she displayed
was so over the top that even for her best friends she was actually
quite annoying, whereas Tawny's usual coldness and snipieness was
borderline psychotic, and although nothing definitive was ever said,
it did seem that her vindictiveness was heightened whenever she was
dealing with Sonny. The set had all the feelings of a battleground
but with only one side actually fighting. It was noticed that the
more happily Sonny tried to cheer up Tawny's morose disposition the
deeper and more vehement her feelings became. After an agonizingly
long day, Sonny and Tawny retired to their dressing room.

Tawny entered first but by the time Sonny had come through the door
Tawny was already in her room with the door closed. Sonny shrugged
at this behavior and headed for her room. After removing her makeup
and changing into her street clothes Sonny once more attempted to
lighten the mood of her roommate. Tapping on her door Sonny called
out, "Tawny?"
No answer. She tapped again, louder, as she called her friend's
name, "Tawny? Tawny it's me, Sonny."
Still nothing. Sonny turned the knob slowly and opened the door just
enough to stick her head in.
"Tawny can we talk?" she said into the room and was greeted by a book
bouncing off the wall next to her. That pushed Sonny over the edge
and she barged into the room.
"What the hell do you think you are doing!" Sonny screamed as she
stormed into the room, "I am trying to help you here, what is your
"Get Out!" Tawny screamed at Sonny, "Get the fuck out of my room you
lying, cheating little slut!" she screamed some more.
"What!" Sonny retorted, her voice raising, "How dare you..."
"How dare I?" Tawny shrieked, "You have a lot of nerve trying to be
all cool and casual after trying..." but she remembered Chad was
suppose to be a secret, "After what you did. I never thought you
would go so far, not for a part, not for anything. You pretend to
be all sweet and nice and proper and yet you tart yourself out for a
role. You are such a hypocrite."
"Really!" Sonny said, "When you want to start making sense, let me
know. You obviously have some major issues to deal with. I thought
I could help but apparently you are too psychotic to be helped." and
she turned to leave when Tawny screamed again.

"Oh don't you dare turn your back on me you little slut."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sonny yelled. She could not
help it. The situation had escalated and she soon found herself
returning kind. Every time Tawny yelled at her, she just got louder
and louder. Sonny backed toward the door, shutting it behind her as
she stood and faced her accuser.

“You play this all high and mighty good girl, always being fair and
open and honest, and yet, you have no problem seducing someone’s
boyfriend to get a part.”

“You are insane!” Sonny yelled, “I have never tried to seduce anyone
for a part.”

“So, you never tried to sleep with Chad for a part on McKenzie
Falls.” Tawny said, but her tone did not make it so much a question
as an accusation.

Sonny was shocked. This hot a little too close to home. Of course
she did not try to sleep with Chad, she HAD slept with Chad, but not
to get the part, the part was already hers, as was Chad, but no one
was supposed to know about the role, or Chad’s part in it.

“What are you talking about?” she tried to feign ignorance, hoping
she could throw Tawny off this line of questioning.

“You heard there was a part to play Chad’s girlfriend on McKenzie
falls, and you tried to seduce him to get the part, don’t try to deny
it you hypocritical slut!”

Sonny had to think, and she had to think fast, if she paused too
long, it would be an admission of guilt, but how could she deny this
accusation without revealing the truth she had kept hidden.

“I did NOT try to sleep with Chad in order to get a part on McKenzie
falls,” she said, her voice softer, quieter, controlled, trying not
to betray any emotion.

“Oh will you stop lying. I know what you did. He told me what you
did.” Tawny screamed without realizing it.

“Who said?” Sonny asked, “Who told you I tried to sleep with Chad for
a part?”

Tawny was stuck. It was a small slip, nothing conclusive, but how
could she explain herself without revealing her romance with Chad,
and risk her part.

“My source prefers to remain anonymous.” She said as she turned her
back on Sonny to hide the fear racing across her face.

“Well your source is lying!” Sonny aid, “I think either you or
this ‘source’ of yours is making this up as part of some twisted
game, but I can tell you that I did not try to seduce Chad for a
part.” Which, Sonny thought, was basically the truth.

“He would never lie to me.” Tawny said. “I know for a fact that he
is telling me the truth, he would have no reason to lie, not after…
not to me, not about this.”

“After what?” Sonny caught the slip, and tried to pry deeper, “Why do
you trust this source over me?” then Sonny started piecing bits
together, “Not after… what?” Sonny started to say, more to
herself, “Not after… OH MY GOD, you slept with this person. You are
in love with this person and that is why you believe him!”

“What of it.” Tawny said, “What if I did, what difference is it, it
does not change the fact that you tried to seduce Chad for a part in
his show.”

Sonny had stopped listening. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle was
all falling into place. If Tawny had a boyfriend, a man she was
sleeping with, who she trusted, she would believe him, so why was HE
trying to split them up with this story that was just a little too
close to home. And how would her boyfriend know anything about the
role? That was completely a secret. The only people who knew Chad
had offered her the role was her and…”OH MY GOD!” Sonny said, and she
almost threw up in her mouth, “You are sleeping with CHAD!”

“What!” Tawny screamed, “NO, No, I am not, Chad and I, I mean why
would you even say that?”

“Oh my god Tawny, I do not want to believe this, really, truly, I do
not want to believe this, but it is the only thing that makes sense,
but in order to convince you, I need to share a secret with you that
if I end up being wrong, I need you to promise me that you will not
breathe a word of this.”

“What are you talking about?” Tawny said, her curiosity momentarily
over-riding her anger.

Sonny moved over to Tawny’s dressing table and moved a stool closer
to her.

Sonny took a deep breath to calm herself, then started, “First, you
must hear me out. No matter what I say, listen to me, let me finish
before you say anything. First, I want you to know that I did not
try to seduce Chad…” Tawny began to speak, but Sonny held her hand
up, “Let me finish, and I really do not know how to say this, because
if it ends up being true, we are both idiots, but I did not seduce
Chad because…” and her stomach was churning and the bile was almost
in her throat as she began to say the words, “I did try to seduce
Chad because I was already sleeping with him. We are lovers, he is
MY boyfriend, or, at least, I think he is, I hoped, I, oh my god, I
think this is not going to end well for either of us. Chad offered
me the role of his girlfriend on McKenzie Falls, and we practice a
scene, and we kissed, and we, well, we, I mean it all just sorta
happened, but afterwards, it felt good, and right, but he told me I
had to keep it a secret. He did not want the producers to think he
was giving parts to his girlfriend. So I could not tell anyone.”

Sonny saw Tawny go white. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened but
no sound came out, just shock and horror showed on her face.

“Who told you that?” she finally said.

“Told me what? That is what happened.”

“No,” Tawny said, “That is what happened to me, almost, Chad loves
me, and he wants to be my boyfriend, IS, is my boyfriend, but he said
I could not tell anyone because if I did it might jeopardize MY role
as his girlfriend on McKenzie falls. How did you know about that?”

Now it was Sonny’s turn to be shocked, but only for a moment, and
then the truth hit her in the stomach. She wanted nothing more than
to just throw up right her. How could she have been so stupid, how
could she have been played by this man.

“Tawny,” Sonny said, and she was sweating from the exertion of trying
not to run away ashamed and embarrassed by how stupid she was, “I
don’t think there is a part. I think Chad played us. I would like
to think he just wanted to seduce us for sex, but I think it is not
even that, I think this is all just a big joke he played in order to
pry us apart.”

The colour still had not returned to Tawny’s face but her eyes
started to quive