Experienced Life
2010-11-14 09:19:40 (UTC)

Why Men like to ride Motorcycles

I rode my motorcycle yesterday and it was fantabulous. I know I know.
Grandma can be riding an old little putt putt alongside of me and just
wipe me out by accident one day.

But the thrill and natural high you get from it is just way too cool.
I mean, you are on a 500 lb piece of machine that can take you from
zero to 60 in seconds. You feel the wind around you and just by a
twist of your wrist, you can go just go. The sound, vibrations, and
the closeness to nature as the bike is going down that road is way too

Can't forget that you are putting your family jewels right on top of a
man made beast weighing like I said over 500 pounds straddling it like
you are part of it.

My bike was customized by the previous owner. I tweaked it a bit more
but he did most of the work. The bike is beautiful. It's a cruiser and
not a rice rocket. I even get people pulling next to me while I ride
or in parking lots saying "nice bike".
Unfortunately, no hot chicks coming over to ask if I can take them for
a ride yet. lol.

I think back to when I bought this bike. I recall it's when gas was
over 4 bucks a gallon and was creeping it's way up to 5. So I said
screw that. Bought the bike and now I get 50-55 miles a gallon. I only
have a small car but I think it still doubles the mileage I get on my

Sometimes when the stresses of life are bugging you and you know it's
not going to be fixed anytime soon, riding a motorcycle can rid your
problems away at least for a little while. I think a person's mind and
soul needs a break from the realities of life once in awhile.

So, if you wonder why a person rides a bike, this is why. Don't wonder
any more okay readers? lol