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2010-11-14 09:03:15 (UTC)

Not in mood for text games

Yesterday after the going to the hatchery and having lunch with cutie,
I went home to do some boring housework. Which of course led to the
all important Siesta.....

Anyhow, when I woke up, I noticed that I had 3 emails from the Ex. You
know how you can partially view the body of the message? Well, I think
the first was a sort of greeting. The other was a possible sarcastic
reply because I wasn't answering back. The third looked like a
question as to why I wasn't answering. I was going to open them until
I thought to myself, why??

I'm having a pretty good weekend so far. Getting errands done and having
some fun just for me for once. Did I want this drama at the moment? So
I said screw this. I deleted the emails and I will enjoy my week.

Not meant to be payback for the bitch because she is so damn notorious
for not replying and for so many "no call" and "no shows". I say
people gotta give to get. This includes courtesy calls when they
aren't coming or will be late. So.... fuck her...haha..

Today, the group is going to play laser tag at this bowling alley.
There should also be pizza, beer and bowling so it should be a fun day.

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