This is my life...
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2010-11-14 05:48:36 (UTC)

Day 10-Saturday

So first I'm going to talk about Friday.
My brother was being an ass in the morning about pretty much
everything. I think it was because we hadn't had school on Thursday
then had to go on Friday. He just didn't want to go to school. period.
Then he had to take at least one crutch since he finally got them. He
really didn't want to take them. So mom took us to McDonald's on the
way to school. She picked Matt up early because he had to get an MRI
of his knee so once his doctor gets the results then he'll get to

So heres my day....
1st period-Mr Scully wasn't there today so we had a
substitute....which is wayyyy better than regular class. So we did
2nd period was alright. we didn't do much of anything. Decorated
a paper with a year on it and taped those up. Then we went over
section 4 of our book.
Homeroom was boring as usual. We never really do anything. Since
it was Friday we watched the news.
3rd period we were rehearsing for the one acts. Like 5 people
were missing from each group. Mine was outside so while we were
waiting for Holly to get outside everyone laid down and we were
running through our lines. When we got to a part that had lines for
main people that weren't there we stopped and got in a group and were
telling stories. Thushara came outside and told us that our groups
were doing the same thin so we should just come inside. I think Friday
was a great bonding experience and we will probably never get
embarrassed performing in there again....except for the people that
weren't at school. they missed the best day of class.
4th period I had chem. It was an easy day. We were learning how
to draw chemical bond which i think that i'm pretty good at doing. Its
pretty funny how easily Ralph gets really awkward. When I went up to
have Mr Johnson check my work Ralph was up there too. My rubric for
acting class fell out of my notebook. It was from when we had to do
stage kisses. Ralph was asking me about how stage-kissing works and
kept asking "so theres touching?" I don't know how many times i had to
explain that a stage kiss is like a real kiss but lips don't touch and
you turn away so people don't see. he still didn't get it. When i
tried explaining what people do for it he was like "nope....i don't
want to know!" I'll only admit to you guys and nobody else, Ralph is
kinda cute. But not in the "i like him" way. If he were taller and
looked older and had a slightly different personality then maybe
there'd be something there. But no.
Lunch was boring. It usually is since hardly anyone sits there. I
was really hyper though so I was talking to Marissa a lot.
In 5th period I was talking to Marisol and Nalu. I deff don't
think he was telling the truth when he said I'm only like a sister. So
I now like him a little more. He thinks my brother has mental issues.
FINALLY! someone that thinks this besides me!
6th period i had to take a test. It was suprisingly easy. I think
that I did god on it.

So friday night my mom, dad and I went out to diner. Things were
going alright. Then my mom was trying to talk to him about what a
politician was saying about immigrants. He started shouting about it
since my mom was whispering. He's so annoying. Then he was driving
psychotically. and he was yelling at us.
My sleeping schedual is so off. I fell asleep watching tv at like
10 pm. I went in my room and fell asleep. at about 2am i woke up to
wash my face and et some water. then i went back to sleep. woke up to
pee at 9am. then slept until 3pm
Nicki came over around 7:30 and we got my mom to take us to
mcdonalds to get free stuff before the monopoly thing got done. We
dropped her off at her house and i finished gettingall my stuff
together. Erin picked me up and Im sleeping over at her house and
helping with her PSA tomorrow.
So Patricks really good with guy advice. He thinks Nalu likes me
but is to guarded to admit it. I dont really see why everyone thinks
hes shy or guarded. he doesnt really seem that way with me. Patrick
says maybe he just trusts me more. It makes sense. He talks to marisol
about videogames and talks to me about how his moms in jail to he
lives with his grandma. I really wish hed just say something if he
likes me ughhhhh. I really like him and being single just isnt working
for meeee.

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