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2010-11-13 15:13:26 (UTC)

Just got back from the hatchery and lunch with cutie

I went solo to the fish hatchery. It's pretty cool. They have salmon
coming up to spawn. They look pretty awesome! Nature is cool and
mysterious at times. I mean, a salmon will bust it's butt to come from
the sea. They don't eat along the way. They come up, spawn and die
almost immediately. It's weird how their bodies just deteriorate after

Anyway, I had lunch with the lady I kinds sorta like. It was nice and
I'm starting to think things about her that I don't do. I actually
look into her eyes now. Sometimes, I think of how it would feel to
kiss her lips but what really happens? Nothing. I don't even try.

We have a nice dinner and I can make her and her 7 year old laugh at
my silly jokes. It's nice to hear someone laughing. Next to a smile, I
like when people laugh.

Then the daughter noticed I had a helmet with me during lunch. She
wanted to see my motorcycle we did. We walked over and she sat on it.
She's a kids. She of course wanted to press the horn and wear my
helmet. Cute kid. When she had the helmet on, All we could see was her
smile. I counted 6 teeth total. Her mom couldn't stop laughing at how
funny and cute her daughter looked.

Finally, her daughter convinced her Mom (my cutie) to sit and pose on
the bike with her.

It was a nice day today. Ex didn't send me a text. Well, let me
correct that. She did send a text this morning saying she couldn't let
me know she was not bringing the kids. Uh huh.

I laughed. Not even a minute to have the decency to email or call me
to say she wasn't going to drop off the kids. Well, I'm sure she is
wifey material for someone.

So, will anything become of this little thing I have going with the
other lady? We shall see... She did look pretty hot today. I'm such a
bad boy...