hikari nikku
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2010-11-13 20:41:06 (UTC)

Day 3: Hangover


okay, so I didn't write for the second day because I was busy. Didn't
have time. [whatever] regardless, today's Saturday and not very
productive. Thought provoking, but not productive. It's not as though
i have a lot to do, but enough so that i won't have to worry much
about next week. Personally, i don't feel like working till i get a
new pack of smokes. [Camel Crush please!] Any-who, I'm having a little
get together tonight & tomorrow night... wish me luck!
Ciao <3

ps- my mind is on shut down mode with this guy. well there's two, the
one I find very interesting who I used to have a relationship with,
but now things seem to just be fleeting. He loves me, so he says and
my best friend does as well. if you'd see us together, you'd know
there was some sort of chemistry, the fact that he treats me so
sweetly. [i know he cares] It's as though were married and we'll
bicker, but in the end we both love each other. but he just doesn't
know what to do... my bestest thinks he's trying to make me jealous, i
guess i could see this.. but it's ridiculous and it hurts.
2nd guy is moving here from Oregon no less. I love him as a friend,
he's been one of my closest for awhile now. but i don't think i'm
ready to see him. I know he likes me way more than I do him, so what
should i do? how can I fake it.... if i should at all. what happens
when I don't want to see him, but he knows no one else. my hearts
torn, and i don't know what to do... i need advice, but i don't know
where to turn...