2010-11-13 13:04:02 (UTC)


Marks the beginning of a new day. Or at least that's what they used to
say. I had spent my time sitting for six hours, home alone, at my half-
brother's face. Starblissed with sweet delight, at my own privacy in
doing whatever I desire. I get straight A's at my school, which is
awesome because report cards are coming and I haven't got to see them
yet. I think it's only because the grading standards are lower. But I
still try my hardest. At my old white school, 95-100 was an A and 94 to
85 was a B. That's all that mattered to me, but I usually got 90's and
93's which pissed me off. But at this school, 90-100 is an A, which
stretches far enough to perceive that I'm actually a great student. :D
89 or lower is DEATH. And I still haven't gotten one since. xD
You have to loooove the power of journalling.

On a side note, I want to see my "best friend" again.